The Mother in/and French Literature


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The essays in this volume investigate maternity and the figure of the mother in French literature from France, Switzerland, Quebec and Africa, from the seventeenth century to the present. Drawing on cultural history, psychoanalysis, and feminist theory, as well as more traditional methods, they present maternity as a source of frustration and of joy, mothers as repressed and revered, daughters as wounded and loving, sons as domineering and dependent. Indeed, few things are simple where mothers — and especially where writing about mothers — are concerned.

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Nancy LANE: Introduction. Domna STANTON: From the Maternal Metaphor to Metonymy and History: Seventeenth-Century Discourses of Maternity and the Case of Sévigné. Holly TUCKER: Like Mother, like Daughter: Maternal Cravings and Birthmarks in the Fairy Tales of Mme d'Aulnoy and Mlle de la Force. Jeanette Marie HECKER: A Foucauldian and Literary Critique of the (Over-)Medicalization of Maternity. Deborah J. HAHN: La mère coquette: Mothers, Widows and Sexuality in Seventeenth-Century Comic Theater. Kimberly PHILPOT VAN NOORT: Fictions of Maternity in André Gide's Les faux-monnayeurs. Philip G. HADLOCK: The Semiotics of Maternity in Maupassant's Une vie. Eric du PLESSIS: Maternité, infantilisation et séduction dans Le rouge et le noir, Volupté et L'éducation sentimentale. Aimée BOUTIN: Confessions of a Mamma's Boy: Lamartine's Manuscrit de ma mère. Claire-Lise TONDEUR: Maternité, filiation et conflits relationnels dans l'écriture romande (Alice Rivaz, Yvette Z'Graggen, Bernadette Richard). Frédérique CHEVILLOT: La maladie de la mère: Mère y es-tu? Me mens-tu? Es-tu sourde? Alison FELL: “Il fallait que ma mère devienne histoire?”: Embodying the mother in Simone de Beauvoir's Une mort très douce and Annie Ernaux's Une femme. Daniela DI CECCO: “Moi aussi j'ai eu ton âge ...”: la relation mère-fille dans le roman pour adolescentes en France et au Québec. Cecilia BEACH: The Mother(land) in Plays by Maryse Condé. Lenuta GIUKIN: La mère Afri(que)(caine): tradition et continuité d'un discours politique dans le cinéma africain francophone. Bonnie BARTHOLD: Fatou Keïta's Mother-Rebel: Excision in the Crossfire.
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