Translation in French and Francophone Literature and Film


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Sherry Simon: Public Language and the Aesthetics of the Translating City
Marian Rothstein: Translation and the Triumph of French: the Case of the Decameron
Luise von Flotow: This Time “the Translation is Beautiful, Smooth, and True”: Theorizing Retranslation with the Help of Beauvoir
Carolyn Shread: Redefining Translation through Self-Translation: The Case of Nancy Huston
Louise Audet: Images et voix dans l’espace poétique de Saint-Denys Garneau: analyse du poème Le Jeu et d’extraits de ses traductions en anglais et en hongrois
Marjolijn de Jager: Translation as Revelation
Cheryl Toman: Werewere Liking as Translator and Translated
Anny Dominique Curtius: The Great White Man of Lambaréné by Bassek ba Kobhio: When Translating a Colonial Mentality Loses its Meaning
Sarah Davies Cordova: Traduire la reine Pokou: fidélité ou trahison?
Rose-Myriam Réjouis: Object Lessons: Metaphors of Agency in Walter Benjamin’s “The Task of the Translator” and Patrick Chamoiseau’s Solibo Magnifique
Rachelle Okawa: Translating Maryse Condé’s Célanire cou-coupé: Dislocations of the Caribbean Self in Richard Philcox’s Who Slashed Celanire’s Throat? A Fantastical Tale
Christophe Ippolito: Intercultural Politics: Translating Postcolonial Lebanese Literature in the United States
Cindy Merlin: Vu d’ici et là-bas: Le roman contemporain français publié en traduction aux États-Unis
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