Psychoanalysis in French and Francophone Literature and Film


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Bracha L. Ettinger : Uncanny Awe, Uncanny Compassion and Matrixial Transjectivity beyond Uncanny Anxiety
Ellie Ragland: The Practice of the Letter and Topological Structure
Claire Nouvet: Searching for a Grave in Millet’s Angelus: the “Death Zone” Of Salvador Dalí
Sharon Diane Nell: Salon Ethics: Lucretia in the Land of Atê
Kristi L. Krumnow: The Errant Lack Spots the Real, or What Justine Confuses in Sainte-Marie-des-Bois
Tim Raser: Letters and Literature in Hugo and Lacan
Jack Taylor : Bridging the Gap: An Essay toward Understanding Frantz Fanon the Psychoanalyst and Frantz Fanon the Philosopher
Roxanna Curto: Érotisme, politique et psychanalyse dans Femme nue, femme noire de Calixthe Beyala
Donald R. Wehrs: Postcolonial Ethical Subjectivity and Psychoanalytic Subject Formation: Beyala’s Tu t’appelleras Tanga and Revising Lacanian Paradigms
Esfandiar Esfandi: L’ethnopsychanalyse française et les fondements d’une conception postfreudienne de la culture
Jacques Brunet-Georget: Repenser la pulsion par le cinéma: Laplanche, Cronenberg et la schizo-analyse
Elvis Buckwalter: L’Autre: la laïcisation de Dieu chez Lacan
Virgil W. Brower: Speech and Oral Phenomena: Tastetexts, Memory, and the Mouth as the Scene of Writing (or, The Telepathology of Everyday Life-Death)
Stefano Franchi: Jammed Machines and Contingent Animals: Psychoanalysis’s Biological Paradox
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