Letters in the British Museum

Transliterated and Translated


This book is the twelfth volume in the series Altbabylonische Briefe in Umschrift und Übersetzung, which wants to make the many - often dispersed - letters from the Old Babylonian period available in transliteration and translation. Volume 12 is the first in a short series of hitherto unpublished material in the British Museum. Two more volumes are planned.
Most of the new letters presented here
belong to one collection and can be split up into several archives. Two of these are of particular interest: the texts dealing with the exploits of the judge Ipqu-Nabium (2 ff.) and the archives around the trader Sin-erībam (51 ff.). The latter contains the correspondence between the Sippar-based Sin-erībam and his agent Awīl-ilim. The texts deal with the textile trade between Babylonia and northern Mesopotamia and provide us with a 'missing link' between the trade in the north (known from old Assyrian texts) and the textile industry in Babylonia.

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'All publications of texts from antiquity are welcome and W. van Soldt deserves gratitude for the labour and care he has given to the presentation of this one.'
Alan Miljard, Journal of Semitic Studies, 1995.
'The volume is indispensable for specialists on the Old Babylonian period, of course. But they will be of some interest for historians of antiquity in general.
Archiv Orientalni, 1995.
Orientalists and specialists in Assyriology will benefit from this study.
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