Visions and Revisions

Women’s Narrative in Twentieth-Century Spain


Volume Editors: Kathleen M. Glenn and Kathleen McNerney
The desire to see afresh, to see differently, both old and not-so-old texts underlies Visions and Revisions: Women's Narrative in Twentieth-Century Spain. The authors studied, born between 1867 and l966, evince an interest in one or more of the issues that structure and give unity to this book: the construction of the self, concepts of gender and nation, center and margin, and efforts to recover and/or reconstruct the past, both individual and collective. In addition to focusing on questions that are currently of great critical interest, the volume features both Castilian and Catalan authors: Josefina Aldecoa, Carmen de Burgos, Maria Aurèlia Capmany, Dulce Chacón, Lucía Etxebarria, Ana María Moix, Carme Riera, Montserrat Roig, and Mercedes Salisachs. The contributors are distinguished Hispanists based in the United States, Spain, Canada, England, and New Zealand: Christine Arkinstall, Silvia Bermúdez, Maryellen Bieder, José F. Colmeiro, M. Àngels Francés, David K. Herzberger, P. Louise Johnson, Shirley Mangini, Esther Raventós-Pons, and Lisa Vollendorf. Their essays, which employ a variety of critical and theoretical approaches, will be of special interest to students of twentieth-century Peninsular literature, comparative literature, women's studies, and feminist criticism.

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Kathleen M. GLENN and Kathleen MCNERNEY: Introduction
Self and Other(s)
Shirley MANGINI: The Female as Battleground: Carmen de Burgos’s Quiero vivir mi vida
P. Louise JOHNSON: Maria Aurèlia Capmany’s Ethics From the Dust
M. Àngels FRANCÉS: Gender, Language, and Nation: Female and Androgynous Selves in Montserrat Roig’s Last Novels
Esther RAVENTÓS-PONS: Beyond the Cartesian Subject: Personal and Collective Identity in Ana María Moix’s 24 horas con la Gauche Divine
Silvia BERMÚDEZ: “Here’s Looking at You, Kid”: Giving Birth and Authoring, or the Author as Mother and the Mother as Author
History and Memory
Christine ARKINSTALL: Remembering Spain: Historical Commitment in Mercedes Salisachs’s Post-Franco Publications
David K. HERZBERGER: A Life Worth Living: Narrating Self and Identity in Josefina Aldecoa’s Trilogy
Lisa VOLLENDORF: Owning Up to History: Ethics and Aesthetics in Carme Riera’s Dins el darrer blau
Maryellen BIEDER: Carme Riera and the Paradox of Recovering Historical Memory in La meitat de l’ànima
José F. COLMEIRO: Re-Collecting Women’s Voices From Prison: The Hybridization of Memories in Dulce Chacón’s La voz dormida