Investigating Hintikka


Editor: Rudolf Haller
Table of contents
Rudolf HALLER: Investigating Hintikka. David PEARS: Hintikka's Interpretation of Wittgenstein's Treatment of Sensation-Language. Allan JANIK: How Did Hertz Influence Wittgenstein's Philosophical Development? Ilkka NIINILUOTO: Hintikka and Whewell on Aristotelian Induction. Jan von PLATO: Illustrations of Method in Ptolemaic Astronomy. Peter SIMONS: New Categories for Formal Ontology. Henri LAUENER: How to Use Proper Names. Matti SINTONEN: Knowing and Making: Kantian Themes in Hintikka's Philosophy. Paul WEINGARTNER: A Note on Jaakko Hintikka's Knowledge and Belief. Nenad MIŠ_EVI_: Naturalism and Modal Reasoning. Ulrike LEOPOLD-WILDBURGER: Induction as a Connection between Philosophy, Psychology and Economics. A Plea for Experimental Research. John PASSMORE: Editing Russell's Papers: A Fragment of Institutional History. Rudolf HALLER: From Archives to Editions.
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