Facets of Self-Consciousness


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This special issue of Grazer Philosophische Studien brings together a number of carefully selected and timely articles that explore the discussion of different facets of self-consciousness from multiple perspectives. The selected articles mainly focus on three topics of the current debate: (1) the relationship between conceptual and nonconceptual ways of self-representation; (2) the role of intersubjectivity for the development of self-consciousness; (3) the temporal structure of self-consciousness. A number of previously underexposed, yet important connections between different approaches are explored. The articles not only represent the state of the art in their respective areas of research and make new insights available, but also provide an overview of different methodologies: ranging from philosophy of language and mind to phenomenology and cognitive science. The volume is of interest for philosophers, cognitive scientists and researchers in related disciplines who are concerned with investigating the nature and origin of self-consciousness.

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Introduction: Towards an Integrated Theory of Self-Consciousness
Fred Dretske: Doubts About Cogito
Lynne Rudder Baker: From Consciousness to Self-Consciousness
Anna Strasser: How Minimal Can Self-Consciousness Be?
Kristina Musholt: Self-Consciousness and Intersubjectivity
Shaun Gallagher: The Body in Social Context: Some Qualifications on the ‘Warmth and Intimacy’ of Bodily Self-Consciousness
José Luis Bermúdez: Memory Judgments and Immunity to Error Through Misidentification
Dan Zahavi: The Time of the Self
Barry Dainton: Selfhood and the Flow of Experience
Katja Crone: Phenomenal Self-Identity Over Time
Owen Flanagan: Phenomenal and Historical Selves
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