Franco Burgersdijk (1590-1635)

Neo-aristotelian in Leiden


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J.B.M. van RIJEN: Burgersdijk, logician or textbook-writer? M. KARSKENS: Subject, object and substance in Burgersdijk's logic. J.A. van RULER: Franco Petri Burgersdijk and the case of Calvinism within the neo-scholastic tradition. H.A. KROP: Natural knowledge of God in neo-aristotelism. The reception of Suarez's version of the ontological argument in early seventeenth century Leiden. M.J. PETRY: Burgersdijk's physics. H.W. BLOM: Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas. Burgersdijk's moral and political thought. M. FEINGOLD: The ultimate pedagogue. Franco Petri Burgersdijk and the English-speaking, academic learning.
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