Image into Identity

Constructing and Assigning Identity in a Culture of Modernity

Editor: Michael Wintle
The pervading theme of this book is the construction and allocation of identity, especially through images and imagery. The essays analyse how the dominant social discourses and imageries construct identity or assign subject positions in relation to the categories of race, nation, region, gender and language. The volume is designed to inform the study of those categories in cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, gender studies, literary studies, philosophy and history. Its coverage is geographically global, multidisciplinary, and theoretically eclectic, but also accessible. The authors include both established and rising scholars from historical, literary, media, gender and cultural studies. This innovative collection will appeal to all those who are interested in the mechanisms of constructing and evolving personal and group identities, in past and present.

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Michael Wintle is Professor of Modern European History at the University of Amsterdam, where he directs the degree programmes in European Studies. His current research interests are in European identity and especially the visual representation of Europe, cultural aspects of European integration, European industrialization, and the modern social and economic history of the Low Countries. He has published widely on Dutch and European history.
Acknowledgements List of Figures and Tables Notes on Contributors Introductory 1. John OSBORNE and Michael WINTLE: The Construction and Allocation of Identity through Images and Imagery: an Introduction 2. Joep LEERSSEN: The Downward Pull of Cultural Essentialism Immigration and Race 3. Brigitte ADRIAENSEN: Coming to Terms with Franco’s Legacy: Trauma and Cultural Difference in the Work of Juan Goytisolo 4. Henriette LOUWERSE: Killing an Arab? Ghostlier Demarcations in Hafid Bouazza’s ‘Spookstad’ and ‘Abdullah’s Feet’ 5. Jacqueline MAINGARD: Cast in Celluloid: Imag(in)ing Identities in South African Cinema 6. Angeline MORRISON: Black Skin, Big Hair: the Cultural Appropriation of the Afro National and Regional Identity 7. Paul GILBERT: Republics, Tribes and National Identities 8. Tom VERSCHAFFEL: ‘Par les Yeux Parler à l’Intelligence’: the Visualization of the Past in Nineteenth-Century Belgium 9. Marnix BEYEN: The Schizophrenia of an Icon: the Impact of Thyl Uylenspiegel on National and Gender Identities in Belgium in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 10. Adrian CHAN: On Being Chinese Gender 11. Stef CRAPS: How to Do Things with Gender: Transgenderism in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando 12. Mary ANNE FRANKS: (Porno)Graphic Depictions: Image and Sexual Identity 13. Nuria LÓPEZ :Women’s Image and National Identity in the Indian Nationalist Movement Text and Identity 14. Ann DAVIES: Resurrecting Carmen: Sexual and Ethnic Identity in the Cinema 15. Phil POWRIE: Embodying the Nation: Viviane Romance in Carmen (1945) and Rita Hayworth in The Loves of Carmen (1948) 16. Joy JAMES: Becoming Butterfly: Apparatuses of Capture and Evasion 17. Gay MCAULEY : Translation in the Rehearsal Room: Serious Play at the Cultural Interface Index