Negotiating Identities

Essays on Immigration and Culture in Present-Day-Europe


This book is about the new possibilities that emerge at the conjunction of the cultural trajectories of the present. Through different journeys in the European, and particularly the Scandinavian and the British present, the authors of this collection of essays discuss the interrelations of culture, race, gender, ethnicity and identity. They elucidate how identies are negotiated and cultures processed. The passages of culture addressed here open for a deeper understanding of the varieties of ethnicity and in particular of those of the borderlands with their potential for intercultural and transnational conversation.

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Aleksandra ÅLUND: Introduction. Vron WARE: In Spite of Whiteness: Race, Gender and Questions of Political Agency. Michel WIEVIORKA: The Ethnicity Triangle. Nora RÄTHZEL: Images of Heimat and Images of Ausländer. Bolette MOLDENHAWER: Discourses on Cultural Differences: The Case of Schooling. Roger HEWITT: The Umbrella and the Sewing Machine: Trans-culturalism and the Definition of Surrealism. Paul GILROY: Diaspora Crossings: Intercultural and Trans-national Identities in the Black Atlantic. Raoul GRANQVIST: Does It Matter Why Walcott Received the Prize? Les BACK: X Amount of Sat Siri Akal!: Apache Indian, Reggae Music and Intermezzo Culture. Ove SERNHEDE: Black Music and White Adolescence: Oedipal Rivalry, Absent Fathers and Masculinity. Magnus BERG and Tommy LINDHOLM: A Flight of Fancy: The Media Representation of Immigrants. Flemming RØGILDS: Late Night Reflections: On Theoretical Terrorism, Socio-Fiction and Ethnography. About the Writers.