English Language Corpora

Design, Analysis and Exploitation. Papers from the thirteenth International Conference on English Language Research on Computerized Corpora, Nijmegen 1992



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Table of contents

I. COMPILATION AND DESIGN. Merja KYTÖ: A supplement to the Helsinki Corpus of English Texts: The Corpus of Early American English. Ian LANCASHIRE: The Early Modern English Renaissance Dictionaries Corpus. Susan WRIGHT: In search of history: English language in the eighteenth century. Milena COLLOT and Nancy BELMORE: Electronic language: A new variety of English. Sylviane GRANGER: International Corpus of Learner English. Fang CHENG-YU: Building a corpus of the English of computer science. Gavin BURNAGE and Dominic DUNLOP: Encoding the British National Corpus. Susan BLACKWELL: From dirty data to clean language. Gerry KNOWLES: The machine-readable Spoken English Corpus. II. ANALYSIS. Elizabeth EYES and Geoffrey LEECH: Progress in UCREL research: Improving corpus annotation practices. Hans van HALTEREN and Nelleke OOSTDIJK: Towards a syntactic database: The TOSCA analysis system. Mark-Jan NEDERHOF and Kees KOSTER: A customized grammar workbench. Ted BRISCOE and Nick WAEGNER: Undergeneration and robust parsing. Clive SOUTER: Towards a standard format for parsed corpora. III. EXPLOITATION. Akiva QUINN: An object-oriented design for a Corpus Utility Program. Bengt ALTENBERG: Recurrent verb-complement constructions in the London-Lund Corpus. Pam PETERS: Corpus evidence on some points of usage. Henk BARKEMA: Idiomaticity in English NPs. Antoinette RENOUF: A word in time: First findings from the investigation of dynamic text. Alex COLLIER: Issues of large-scale collocational analysis. Willem MEIJS: Analyzing nominal compounds with the help of a computerized lexical knowledge system.