Corpus-based Studies in Language Use, Language Learning, and Language Documentation


Volume Editors: John Newman, Harald Baayen, and Sally Rice
This volume consists of selected papers from the 2009 meeting of the American Association for Corpus Linguistics. The chapters cover aspects of language use (usage-based accounts of morphology/syntax of English and Tok Pisin), language learning (corpus-based learning of English, syntactic development observable in a Learner Corpus of English, “core” vocabulary items for learners of English) and language documentation (a new and innovative usage-based frequency dictionary of English, proposals to broaden the traditional understanding of a corpus in various directions, e.g., constructing a corpus of the content of Japanese manga comics). Taken together, the thirteen chapters represent a good cross-section of strands of new work in corpus linguistics, as practised by international scholars working on English and other languages.

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John Newman, Sally Rice and Harald Baayen: Introduction
Language Use
Kristina Geeraert and John Newman: I haven’t drank in weeks: the use of past tense forms as past participles in English corpora
Conor Snoek: Irregular – im suffixation in Tok Pisin: exploratory methods in multivariate analysis
Gunnar Bergh: Complex extractions in a diachronic perspective
Laura Teddiman: Subject ellipsis by text type: an investigation using ICE-GB
Language Learning
Li-Shih Huang: Language learners as language researchers: the acquisition of English grammar through corpus-aided discovery learning approach mediated by intra- and interpersonal dialogues
Laurence Anthony, Kiyomi Chujo and Kathryn Oghigian: A novel, web-based, parallel concordancer for use in the ESL/EFL classroom
Christine Johansson and Christer Geisler: Syntactic aspects of the writing of Swedish L2 learners of English
Hanhong Li and Alex C. Fang: Age tagging and word frequency for learners’ dictionaries
Language Documentation
Brian MacWhinney: The expanding horizons of corpus analysis
Giancarla Unser-Schutz: Developing a text-based corpus of the language of Japanese comics ( manga)
Christopher Cox: Corpus linguistics and language documentation: challenges for collaboration
Steven H. Weinberger and Stephen A. Kunath: The Speech Accent Archive: towards a typology of English accents
Mark Davies and Dee Gardner: Creating and using A frequency dictionary of Contemporary American English: word sketches, collocates, and thematic lists