Corpus-Based Computational Linguistics


Editors: Clive Souter and Eric Atwell


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Table of contents

Eric ATWELL: Corpus-Based Statistical Modelling of English Grammar. Laurie BAUER: Progress with a Corpus of New Zealand English and some early results. Lou BURNARD: The Text Encoding Initiative: a further report. James COWIE: Deriving a Vocabulary of Part-Names from a Field Guide Text. Paul GORMAN and Nigel HARDY: CLAWS, Ada, and Software Components. Sidney GREENBAUM: The Tagset for the International Corpus of English. Louise GUTHRIE: A Note on Lexical Disambiguation. Pieter de HAAN: Sentence Length in Running Text. Christine JOHANSSON: WHOSE and OF WHICH with nonpersonal antecedents in written and spoken English. Gerry KNOWLES: From text to waveform: converting the Lancaster/IBM Spoken English Corpus into a speech database. Willem MEIJS: Exploring Lexical Knowledge. Charles MEYER and Richard TENNEY: Tagger: an Interactive Tagging Program. Jacques NOEL: Using the COBUILD examples to improve the Grammar Notes. Richard PIEPENBROCK: A Longer Term View on the Interaction between Lexicons and Text Corpora in Language Investigation. Josef SCHMIED: Qualitative and quantitative research approaches to English relative constructions. Clive SOUTER: Harmonising a lexical database with a corpus-based grammar. Anne WICHMANN: Gradients and categories in intonation: a study of the perception and production of falling tones. Kay WIKBERG: Verbs as indicators of text type and/or style: some observations on the LOB Corpus. Andrew WILSON and Paul RAYSON: Automatic content analysis of spoken discourse.