The Photographic Paradigm


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This issue investigates the meaning of photographic image for contemporary art. In Malraux' dream, photography offers the ultimate guarantee for a coherent presentation of art. However, as Douglas Crimp has stated, the appearance and enhancement of photography as a form of art among other art forms disrupted the center of the art world. What does this mean for art and philosophy in our time? Various artists and theorists will delve into that question: Christian Boltanski, Benjamin H.D. Buchloh, Jean-François Chevrier, Douglas Crimp, Jos de Mul, Mirjam de Zeeuw, Rineke Dijkstra, Michael Gibbs, Rodney Graham, Gerald van der Kaap, Karen Knorr, Zoe Leonard, Ken Lum, Hermann Pitz, Liza-May Post, John Roberts, Allan Sekula, Andres Serrano, Jan Simons, Beat Streuli, John M. Swinnen, Renée van de Vall, Hilde van Gelder, Hripsimé Visser, Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace and Herta Wolf.

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Annette W. BALKEMA and Henk SLAGER: Prologue. Christian BOLTANSKI: The Passage of Time. Benjamin H.D. BUCHLOH: The Politics of Representation. Jean-François CHEVRIER: The museum: A Permanent Crisis. Douglas CRIMP: Reconsidering Barcelona. Jos de MUL: The virtualization of the world view: The end of photography and the return of the aura. Mirjam de ZEEUW: Investigation into Strategies of Thought. Rineke DIJKSTRA: Intensity and Concentration. Michael GIBBS: Fugitive Photography. Rodney GRAHAM: The way I use photography. Gerald van der KAAP: The Ed van der Elsken Turn. Karen KNORR: Photography's Shadow. Zoe LEONARD: Photographic Responses. Ken LUM: Contemporary Contemplation. Hermann PITZ: Ocular Investigations. Liza MAY: Post Mental Slides. John ROBERTS: The crisis of critical postmodernism. REVIEW Allan Sekula and the metaphysics of concepts. Andres SERRANO: Idiosyncratic Iconography. Jan SIMONS: Photo, Trauma; The eye and the mind. Beat STREULI: Potential Possibilities. Johan M. SWINNEN: Searching for a historical infrastructure. Renée van de VALL: Images of the past. An installation by Christian Boltanski. Hilde van GELDER: Photography: from Modus to Picture. Hripsimé VISSER: The magic of realism. Jeff WALL: Transformational Aesthetics. Ian WALLACE: Notes for a Talk. Herta WOLF: Archeological Consciousness. Annette W. BALKEMA and Henk SLAGER: Epilogue.
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