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Nigerian Writing and the Struggle for Democracy


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Introduction: Holger EHLING & Claus-Peter HOLSTE-VON MUTIUS: Nigerian Writing and the Struggle for Democracy. Articles: Craig W. MCLUCKIE: Literary Memoirs of the Nigerian Civil War. Werner SEDLAK: Soyinka’s Cultural Activism: Representations of Detention in Madmen and Specialists, The Detainee, Season of Anomy and The Man Died. Onookome OKOME: The Social Crusade of Wole Soyinka. Willfried F. FEUSER: “Nothing Puzzles God!” Chinua Achebe’s Civil War Stories. Bode SOWANDE: The Metaphysics of Abiku: A Literary Heritage in Ben Okri’s The Famished Road. Niyi OSUNDARE: From the Closet to the Marketplace: Popular Poetry and the Democratic Space in Nigeria. Thomas R KNIPP: Gabriel Okara: The Poet as Lonely African. Marketplace: Olatunji DARE: The Press and Politics in Nigeria since 1960. Lai OSO: The Nigerian Press and the Ruling Class. Hyginus EKWUAZI: Political Values and the Nigerian Film. Ohioma I.Y. POGOSON: Creative Endeavour and the Nigerian Environment. Bola IGE: The Role of the Writer in a Developing Society. Mabel SEGUN: Challenges of Being a Female Writer in a Male-Dominated Developing Society. Leif LORENTZON: a Response to Oge Ogede. Interviews: Ken SARO-WIWA: Oil Boom, Oil Doom (Chantal Zabus). Ken SARO-WIWA: English is the Hero (Diri I. Teilanyo). Festus IYAYI: We Cannot Afford to Fail (Kunle Ajibade). Biyi BANDELE-THOMAS: Coming Out Grinning (Holger Ehling). Niyi OSUNDARE: I am one of Africa’s accidents (Stephen H. Arnold). Niyi OSUNDARE: In the Pockets of My Memory (Bayo Adebowale). ‘Sola OSOFISAN: Many Ways to Kill a Rat (Holger Ehling). Mamman Jiya VATSA: The Last Interview (Ezenwa-Ohaeto). Molara OGUNDIPE-LESLIE: African Literature, Feminism, and Social Change (Irène Assibad ’Almeida). Zulu SOFOLA: A Matriarch Comes Centre-Stage (Tunde Olusunle & Adeola Awoyale). Creative Writing: Niyo OSUNDARE: Poems from Waiting Laughters. OBIWU: Three Poems. Owiti-K’AKUMU: A Green Tree. Kayode SANNI: Three Poems. Ogaga IFOWODU: Two Poems. Obina NWACHUKWU: Two Poems. Idris O:O. AMALI: Three Poems. Elias DUNU: Three Poems. Dapo ADENIYI: The Return of Timbuktu; A Play. Femi OSOFISAN: Opium; A Play. Book Reviews Notes for Contributors