Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics

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Keynote Address. George W. GRACE: On the Changing Context of Austronesian Historical Linguistics. I Phonetics & Phonology. Ajid CHE KOB: Word Final Nasal in Malay Dialects. Ewald F. EBING & Vincent J. van HEUVEN: Some Formal and Functional Aspects of Indonesian Intonation. Vincent J. van HEUVEN & Ellen van ZANTEN: Effects of Substrate Language on the Localization and Perceptual Evaluation of Pitch Movements in Indonesian. Nikolaus P. HIMMELMANN: The Paragogic Vowel in Lauje (Tomini-Tolitoli): Phonology or Morphosyntax? Harry van der HULST & Marian KLAMER: The Prosodic Structure of Kambera Roots and Words. Michael D. LARISH: Moklen-Moken Phonology: Mainland or Insular Southeast Asian Typology? Cecilia ODÉ: On the Perception of Prominence in Indonesian: an Experiment. Alan M. STEVENS: Truncation Phenomena in Contemporary Indonesian. Zaharani AHMAD: Vowel Epenthesis in Malay. Ellen van ZANTEN & Vincent J. van HEUVEN: Effects of Word Length and Substrate Language on the Temporal Organisation of Words in Indonesian. II Morphology. Agus SALIM: The Problem of the Aspectual Classification of Indonesian Verbs. Beatrice CLAYRE: Verb Affixes in Berawan. Aone van ENGELEN-HOVEN: Indexing the Evidence: Metathesis and Subordination in Leti (Eastern Indonesia). Charles E. GRIMES: Compounding and Semantic Bleaching in Languages of Eastern Indonesia. Videa P. de GUZMAN: Verbal Affixes in Tagalog: Inflection or Derivation? Lex van der LEEDEN: A Tonal Morpheme in Ma'ya. Jan W. de VRIES: Verbal Morphology in Javindo and Pecok. III Syntax. Elly G. AMADE: Word Order Change in Petjoh: Fronting as a Technique to Highlight Many Concepts like New Referents, Unexpectedness, Newsworthiness and More. Isabelle BRIL: Split Ergativity in the Nêlêmwâ Language. Lea BROWN: Nominal Mutation in Nias. Mark DONOHUE: The Applicative Construction in Tukang Besi. Even HOVDHAUGEN: Nominal Clauses in Two Polynesian Languages: Form and Function. Anna MACLACHLAN: Conjunction Reduction and the Syntax of Case in Tagalog. Philip QUICK: Active and Inverse Voice Selection Criteria in Pendau, a Western Austronesian Language. Charles RANDRIAMASIMANANA: Malagasy and Universal Grammar. Der-Hwa V. RAU: Transitivity and Discourse Grounding in Atayal Folk Tales. Wolfgang B. SPERLICH: A Theory of Verb Classes and Case Morphology in Niuean. Jan E. VOSKUIL: The Tagalog 'Absolute' Accusative. IV Diachronic & Compa-rative Studies. Natalia F. ALIEVA: The Progress of Monosyllabization in Cham as Testified by Field Materials. Joseph C. FINNEY: Casemarking and the *ia Demonstrati-ves. Hoàng Thi CHÂU: Austronesian Words in Geographical Names in the Southwest Highlands of Vietnam. John U. WOLFF: The Proto-Austronesian Voiced Apical and Palatal Stops *d and *j. R. David ZORC: Evaluation of Evidence and Errors in Austrone-sian Reconstruction. V Sociolinguistics. Bùi KHÁNH THÉ: Problems of Compiling the Cham-Viet Dictionary. Hajah FATIMAH binti Haji Awang CHUCHU: Multilingualism in Brunei: Factors Which Determine the Number of Acquired Languages. Margaret J. FLOREY: Skewed Performance and Structural Variation in the Process of Language Obsolescence. Margaret MASE & Stewart MARSHALL: Social Networks and the Use of Motu in Hanuabada, Papua New Guinea. Gloria R. POEDJOSOEDARMO: What is Happening to Malay in Singapore? J. Stephen QUAKEBUNCH: Writing Agutaynen Pronouns: Making the Most of a Mixed-up World. Peter SERCOMBE: Ethnolinguistic Change Among the Penan of Brunei: Some Initial Observations. Antonia SORIENTE: The Kenyah Isolects of Long Pujungan District in North-East Kalimantan.
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