Stylistics and Social Cognition


This volume of articles comprises papers from the 25th annual conference of the Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA), which was held at the University of Huddersfield, England, in July 2005. The theme of the conference was ‘Stylistics and Social Cognition’, and as usual at a PALA conference, this theme was interpreted very widely by the participants, as the reader of this book will no doubt conclude.
At the heart of this volume, there is something of a reaction against the cognitive developments in stylistics, which might be seen as being in danger of privileging the individual interpretation of literature over something more social. The concern is to consider whether there is a more collective approach that could be taken to the meaning of text, and whether recent insights from cognitive stylistics could work with this idea of collectivity to define something we might call ‘commonality’ of meaning in texts.
Stylistics and Social Cognition will be of interest to those working in stylistics and other text-analytic fields such as critical discourse analysis and those concerned with notions of interpretation, collective meaning and human communication.

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Pages: 275–277
Lesley JEFFRIES: Introduction
David WEST: I. A. Richards’ Theory of Metaphor: Between Protocognitivism and Poststructuralism
Ulf CRONQUIST: The Socio-Psychology of ‘Interpretive Communities’ and a Cognitive-Semiotic Model for Analysis
Ziwei Mimi HUANG: Interpreting Cognitive Metaphor: Using Relevance Theory and an Alternative Account
María Dolores PORTO REQUEJO: Challenging our World View: The Role of Metaphors in the Construction of a New (Text) World
Matt DAVIES: The Attraction of Opposites: The Ideological Function of Conventional and Created Oppositions in the Construction of In-groups and Out-groups in News Texts
Diane DAVIES: The Same Old Story: Uncovering Archetypal Narrative in ‘Real Home’ Magazine Features
Iryna TRYSHCHENKO: Forms of Address: Social Value and Expressive Potential
Marina LAMBROU: Telling Stories: Males and FemalesDoingGender in Personal Narratives about Trouble
Larry L. STEWART: You Must Alter Your Style, Madam: Pamelaand the Gendered Construction of Narrative Voice in the Eighteenth-Century British Novel
Eva LILJA: Embedded Meaning of Free Verse Types - With an Example from the Introduction of T. S. Eliot’s
‘Ash-Wednesday’ in Swedish
Mirjana BONAČIĆ: Poetic Deviation and Cross-Cultural Cognition
Judith MUNAT: The Discourse of Silence: The Unspoken in Contemporary American Love Poetry
Sabine ALBERS: Top or Flop: Characteristics of Bestsellers
Tania SHEPHERD, Sonia ZYNGIER and Vander VIANA: ‘A Tale of Two Cities’: Lexical Bundles as Indicators of Linguistic Choices and Socio-cultural Traces
Sonia ZYNGIER: Naughty or Nice? Empirical Studies of Literature in the Classroom
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