Cultural Identity and Postmodern Writing


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Cultural Identity and Postmodern Writing seeks to ascertain the relationship obtaining between the specific form postmodernism assumes in a given culture, and the national narrative in which that culture traditionally recognizes itself. Theo D’haen provides a general introduction to the issue of “cultural identity and postmodern writing.” Jos Joosten and Thomas Vaessens take a look at Dutch literature, and particular Dutch poetry, in relation to “postmodernism.” Robert Haak and Andrea Kunne do the same with regard to, respectively, German and Austrian literature, while Roel Daamen turns to Scottish literature. Patricia Krus discusses postmodernism in relation to Caribbean literature, and Kristian van Haesendonck and Nanne Timmer turn their attention to Puerto Rican and Cuban literature, while Adriana Churampi deals with Peruvian literature. Finally, Markha Valenta investigates the roots of the postmodernism debate in the United States. This volume is of interest to all students and scholars of modern and contemporary literature, and to anyone interested in issues of identity as linked to matters of culture.

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Theo D’haen is professor of American literature at Leuven University. He has published widely on literatures in European languages, particularly on (post)modernism, (post)colonialism, and popular literature.
Pieter Vermeulen is completing a PhD in English, and more specifically on the work of Geoffrey Hartmann, at Leuven University.
Theo D’HAEN: Introduction: Cultural Identity and Postmodern Writing
Jos JOOSTEN and Thomas VAESSENS: Postmodern Poetry Meets Modernist Discourse: Contemporary
Poetry in the Low Countries
Robert HAAK: Cultural Identity and Postmodern Writing in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1945-1989
Andrea KUNNE: Cultural Identity and Postmodern Writing in Austrian Literature
Roel DAAMEN: A Confluence of Narratives: Cultural Perspectives in Postmodernist Scottish Fiction
Patricia KRÜS: Myth and Revolution in the Caribbean Postmodern
Kristian VAN HAESENDONCK: Enchantment or Fright? Identity and Postmodern Writing in Contemporary Puerto Rico
Nanne TIMMER: Dreams that Dreams Remain: Three Cuban Novels of the 90s
Adriana CHURAMPI: A Race of Sleepless People Breaks into History
Markha G. VALENTA: Tampering with the Nation: America, Postmodernism, Globalization - To the Beginning and Back Again
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