British Postmodern Fiction


Editors: Theo D'haen and Hans Bertens

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Amy J. ELIAS: Meta- mimesis? The Problem of British Postmodern Realism. Theo D'HAEN: Irish Regionalism, Magic Realism and Postmodernism. Susana ONEGA: British Historiographic Metafiction in the 1980s. José Angel GARCÍA LANDA: Till nohow on: The Later Metafiction of Samuel Beckett. Fernando GALVÁN: Travel Writing in British Metafiction: A Proposal for Analysis. Maria DEL SAPIO GARBERO: The Fictionality of Fiction: Christine Brooke-Rose's Sense of Absence. Maria DEL SAPIO GARBERO: A Conversation with Christine Brooke-Rose. Catherine BERNARD: Dismembering/Remembering Mimesis: Martin Amis, Graham Swift. Adriaan M. de LANGE: The Complex Architectonics of Postmodernist Fiction: Hawksmoor - A Case Study. Aleid FOKKEMA: Abandoning the Postmodern? The Case of Peter Ackroyd.