Postmodern Surroundings


Volume Editor:
Jamie BRASSETT: Space, Postmodernism and Cartographies. Catherine BURGASS: Postmodern Value. K.J. DONNELLY: Altered Status: A Review of Music in Postmodern Cinema and Culture. Steven EARNSHAW: Well and Truly Fact: Postmodernism in History. Mark A. HANSON: The Performing Art: Medical Research After Postmodernism. David Shaun HIDES and Kevin WALSH: Excavating Postmodernity. Esiaba IROBI: I Don't Want to Be Modern or Postmodernist: I Just Want to Be Eternal: Cartographic Revision of the World in Derek Walcott's Omeros and The Star-Apple Kingdom. Deborah L. MADSEN and Mark S. MADSEN: Fractals, Chaos and Dynamics: The Emergence of Postmodern Science. Elisabeth MAHONEY: City Limits: Women, Cities, Postmodernism. George MCKAY: Postmodernism and the Battle of the Beanfields: British Anarchist Music and Text of the 1970s and 1980s. John MCLEOD: Postmodernism and Postcolonialism. Matthew PATEMAN: Julian Barnes and the Popularity of Ethics. Matthew PEARSON: Vic Reeves and Postmodern Comedy. John PHILLIPS: The Enigma in Question: Ethics After Heidegger. Barry TAYLOR: The Violence of the Event: Hannibal Lecter in the Lyotardian Sublime. John WILLIAMS: Sport, Postmodernism and Global TV.
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