Editor: Gerhard Zecha
Critical Rationalism has become an influential philosophy in many areas including a great number of scientific disciplines. Yet only few studies have been devoted to the role of the philosophy of Sir Karl Popper in the vast field of education. This volume undertakes to fill this gap. Leading scholars in the educational science and in the philosophy of education have critically written for this volume in an attempt to elaborate Popper's methodological and socio-political views and confront them with a globally relevant spectrum of scientific objectives and cultural values. Among the topics discussed are moral values, education for freedom and its consequences for the student, and the critical attitude in political education. Attention is also paid to the historiography of this significant philosophical movement. Regarding pedagogical research, the empirical paradigm, the falsificatory approach to educational research, the complex relationship between educational theory and practice as well as the problem of value-neutrality in educational science are objects of critical analysis.

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Gerhard ZECHA: Critical Rationalism and Educational Discourse: Introductory Overview. I. CRITICAL RATIONALISM AND EDUCATIONAL PRACTICE. Brenda ALMOND: Moral Values in a Multicultural Society. Ronald SWARTZ: Education for Freedom from Socrates to Einstein and Beyond. Joseph AGASSI: Dissertation Without Tears. Kurt SALAMUN: Critical Rationalism and Political Education: Karl Popper's Advice How to Neutralise Anti-Democratic Thought-Patterns. II. HISTORICAL ASPECTS. John WETTERSTEN: The Critical Rationalists' Quest for an Effective Liberal Pedagogy. Guido POLLAK: On Writing the History of Critical Rationalism and Its Influence on Educational Thought: Preliminaries and Problems. III. CRITICAL RATIONALISM AND EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH. Wolfgang BREZINKA: Empirical Science and Other Educational Theories: Differences and Possibilities for Agreement. DC PHILLIPS: How to Play the Game: A Popperian Approach to the Conduct of Educational Research. Jean-Luc PATRY: Educational Theory and Practice from a Critico-Rationalist Point of View. Gerhard ZECHA: A Critique of Value-Neutrality in Educational Research.