The Republic of Science

The Emergence of Popper’s Social View of Science 1935-1945


This book offers a careful re-reading of Popper's classic falsificationist demarcation of science, stressing its institutional aspects. Popper's social thinking about science, individuals, institutions, and rationality is tracked through The Poverty of Historicism and The Open Society and Its Enemies as he criticises and improves his earlier work. New links are established between the works of the 1935-1945 period, revealing them as a source for criticism of the institutions and governance of science.

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Preface. Chapter 1 Introduction: Science as an Institution. Chapter 2 Popper’s 1935 Proto-constitution for the Republic of Science. Chapter 3 Problems in a Science of Social Institutions. Chapter 4 An Enriched View of Institutions. Chapter 5 Science and Society as Learning Institutions. Chapter 6 Conclusion: The Republic of Science. Sources and References. Index of Names. Index of Subjects.