A Passage to the Idea for a Hermeneutic Philosophy of Science


In this book the author has brought together his long-standing interests in theory of scientific rationality and hermeneutic ontology by developing a hermeneutic alternative to analytic (and naturalist) epistemology of science. The hermeneutic philosophy of science is less the name of a new field of philosophical than a demand for a repetition of the basic philosophical questions of science from hermeneutic point of view. The book addresses chiefly two subjects: (I) The hermeneutic response to the models of rational reconstruction of scientific knowledge; (II) The specificity of hermeneutico-ontological approach to the cognitive pluralism in science.

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Preface. INTRODUCTION: Topics in the Hermeneutic Philosophy of Science. CHAPTER 0: On the Limits of the Rational Reconstruction of Scientific Knowledge. CHAPTER 1: On the Hermeneutic Nature of Group Rationality. CHAPTER 2: Towards a Hermeneutic Theory of Progressive Change in Scientific Development. CHAPTER 3: Beyond Naturalism and Traditionalism. CHAPTER 4: A Critical Note on Normative Naturalism. CHAPTER 5: Micro and Macrohermeneutics of Science. Concluding Remarks. References.
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