Idealization VIII: Modelling in Psychology


Bandherausgeber:innen Jerzy Brzeziński, Bodo Krause, und Tomasz Maruszewski

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I. Philosophical and Methodological Problems of the Process of Cognition. Jenny WADE: Idealizing the Cartesian-Newtonian Paradigm as Reality: The Impact of New-Paradigm Physics on Psychological Theory. Elzbieta HORNOWSKA: Operationalization of Psychological Magnitudes. Assumptions-Structure-Consequences. Thomas BACHMANN: Creating Analogies - on Aspects of the Mapping Process between Knowledge Domains. Harald SCHAUB: Modelling Action Regulation. II. The Structure of Ideal Learning Process. Stellan OHLSON and James J. JEWETT: Ideal Adaptive Agents and the Learning Curve. Bodo KRAUSE: Towards a Theory of Cognitive Learning. Bodo KRAUSE and Ulrich GAUGER: Learning and Use of Invariances: Experiments and Network Simulation. Manuela FRIEDRICH: Reaction Time in the Neural Network Module ART 1. III. Control Processes in Memory. Joseph TZELGOV, Vered YEHENE and Moshe NAVEH-BENJAMIN: From Memory to Automaticity and Vice Versa: On the Relations between Memory and Automaticity. H. HAGENDORF, S. FISCHER and B. SÁ: The Function of Working Memory in Coordination of Mental Transformations. IV. Common Sense and Idealization. Leszek NOWAK: On Common-Sense and (Para-)-Idealization. Izabella NOWAKOWA: On the Problem of Induction. Towards an Idealizational Paraphrase.