Following Putnam’s Trail addresses Putnam’s path through important philosophical problems. One outstanding feature of Putnam’s philosophy has been his contribution to the development of American pragmatism as well as his many changes of mind when thinking about realism. Realism and pragmatism are indeed the central focus of the contributions to the volume. The book includes a defence of pragmatism by Putnam himself, and several commentaries on it. This volume should be of interest both to scholars who specialize in analytical philosophy as well as to those who have a wider interest in philosophy.

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Celeste Cancela SILVA: Introduction: Putnam and the Notion of “Reality”
Part I. Hilary Putnam’s Pragmatism
Hilary PUTNAM: What Makes Pragmatism So Different?
Juan José ACERO: Pragmatism, Pluralism, and the Peirce Principle
Christopher HOOKWAY: Dichotomies: Facts and Epistemic Values
Jaime NUBIOLA: Dichotomies and Artifacts: A Reply to Professor Hookway
Part II. Pragmatism and Humanism
Maria BAGHRAMIAN: Three Pragmatisms: Putnam, Rorty, and Brandom
Ulvi DOGUOGLU: Putnam beyond Putnam: Understanding, Pragmatism, Humanism
Russell B. GOODMAN: Some Sources of Putnam’s Pragmatism
Chiara TABET: Putnam and the “God’s-Eye View”: On the Logical Structure of Anti-Foundationalist Pragmatism
Part III. Realisms
José Tomás ALVARADO: Conceptual Relativity and Structures of Explanation
Celeste Cancela SILVA: Conceptual Relativity and Speaking-Sensitive Semantics
Matti EKLUND: Putnam on Ontology
Fernando González GARCÍA, María Uxía Rivas MONROY: The Pragmatic Realism of Hilary Putnam
Part IV. Fact/Value Dichotomy
Ángel Manuel FAERNA: Moral Disagreement and the “Fact/Value Entanglement”
Francisco Javier GIL MARTÍN, Jesús Vega ENCABO: Truth and Moral Objectivity: Procedural Realism in Putnam’s Pragmatism
Óscar L. GONZÁLEZ-CASTÁN: The Fact/Value Entanglement as a Linguistic Illusion
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