The book reveals different dimensions of modeling in the historical sciences. Papers collected in the first part (Ontology of the Historical Process) consider different models of historical reality and discuss their status. The second part (Modeling in the Methodology of History) presents various forms of idealization in historiographic research. The papers in the third part (Modeling in the Research Practice) present various models of past reality (e.g. of Poland, Central Europe and the general history of the feudal system) put forward by historians. Other papers consider the status of scientific laws and historical generalizations. The volume will be of interest to those who study analytical philosophy of history, methodology of history and social sciences, social philosophy as well as theory and history of historiography.
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Table of contents

Krzysztof Brzechczyn: Between Science and Literature: The Debate on the Status of History
Ontology of the Historical Process
Marceli Handelsman: Possibilities and Necessities of the Historical Process
Jerzy Topolski: The Activistic Concept of the Historical Process
Leszek Nowak: Class and Individual in the Historical Process
Modeling in the Methodology of History
Jerzy Topolski: Idealizational Procedures in History
Tadeusz Pawłowski: Typological Concepts in Historical Sciences
Jerzy Topolski: The Directive of Rationalizing Human Actions
Krzysztof Brzechczyn: Methodological Peculiarities of History in light of Idealizational Theory of Science
Jerzy Topolski: The Model and Its Concretization in Economic History
Modeling in the Research Practice
Henryk Łowmiański: Why did the Polanian Tribe Unite the Polish State?
Jerzy Topolski: Comments on Łowmiański
Jan Rutkowski: Theoretical Considerations on the Distribution of Incomes in a Feudal System
Jerzy Topolski: Comments on Rutkowski
Krzysztof Brzechczyn: The Distinctiveness of Central Europe in light of the Cascadeness of the Historical Process
Jerzy Topolski: The Economic Model of the Wielkopolska Region in the 18th Century
Bogusław Leśnodorski: There Was Not One Causa Efficiens of Poland’s Partitions
Analytical Philosophy of History. Polish Contributions
Andrzej Malewski, Jerzy Topolski: The Nomothetic versus the Idiographic Approach to History
Stefan Nowak: General Laws and Historical Generalizations in the Social Sciences
Stanisław Ossowski: Two Conceptions of Historical Generalizations
Jan Such: Scientific Law versus Historical Generalization. An Attempt at an Explication
Andrzej Malewski, Jerzy Topolski: On Causal Explanation in History


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