Theory of Questions

Erotetics through the Prism of its Philosophical Background and Practical Applications


It is hard to imagine our life without questions. They facilitate orientation in our environment, enable interpersonal communication and make the acquisition of knowledge possible. Questions direct scientific research, are used as research tools and are an important medium of transferring knowledge in teaching.
The book is intended as a par excellence philosophical monograph of the theory of questions, presenting the most important erotetic problems, their general background and selected practical applications. It is prepared in all fairness to results acquired in the framework of the logical theories of questions but goes beyond this framework.
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Table of contents

Philosophical Background
Ontological and Epistemological Preliminaries
Semantics and Pragmatics
Sentences and Pictures of Situations
Semantico-Categorial Analysis
The Communicative Function of Questions
The Structure of Natural-Language Questions
Semantico-Categorical Description of Questions
Cognitive Content and Cognitive Context of a Question
Embedded Questions
The Analysis of Erotetic Situation
Practical Applications
Questions in Science
Erotetic Reasoning
Psychological Analysis of Questions
Questions in Surveys
Questions in Didactic Tests
Questions in Legal Proceedings
Philosophical Questions
Appendix: From the History of Erotetics in Poland in the 20th Century
Index of Names


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