Naturalized Epistemology and Philosophy of Science


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Much has happened in the field of contemporary epistemology since Quine’s “Epistemology Naturalized” was published in 1969. Even before Ronald Giere published his article “Philosophy of Science Naturalized,” naturalized philosophy of science had been influenced by the so-called historical approach. Kuhm, Lakatos, Feyerabend and Laudan all contributed importantly to this trend. In this light it has emerged, without a doubt, that philosophy of science is closely related to epistemology. This volume explores some of the relevant relations and will be of interest to epistemologists and philosophers of science.

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Ernest SOSA: Sources and Deliverances
Ronald N. GIERE: Modest Evolutionary Naturalism
Hilary KORNBLITH: The Naturalistic Project in Epistemology: Where Do We Go from Here?
Joseph ROUSE: Naturalism and Scientific Practices: A Concluding Scientific Postscript
Danielle MACBETH: Naturalism in the Philosophy of Mathematics
Chienkuo MI: What Is Naturalized Epistemology? The Quinean Project
Ruey-Lin CHEN: The Structure of Experimentation and the Replication Degree-Reconsidering the Replication of Hertz’s Cathode Ray Experiment
Patrick HAWLEY: Skepticism and the Value of Knowledge
Jeu-Jenq YUANN: A Naturalistic Approach of Scientific Methodology: A Comparative Study of O. Neurath and P. Feyerabend
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