Samuel Beckett: Debts and Legacies


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Introduction Debts Marjorie Perloff: Beckett in the Country of the Houyhnhms: The Transformation of Swiftian Satire Chris Ackerley: “Delite in Swynes Draf”: Husks and Lees, Sugarbeet Pulp and Roses in Samuel Beckett’s “Draff” Doireann Lalor: “The Italianate Irishman”: The Role of Italian in Beckett’s Intratextual Multilingualism P. J. Murphy: Reincarnations of Joyce in Beckett’s Fiction Seán Kennedy: “First Love”: Abortion and Infanticide in Beckett and Yeats Ashley Taggart: Maeterlinck and Beckett: Paying Lip-Service to Silence Peter Fifield: “Accursed Progenitor!” Fin de partie and Georges Bataille Elsa Baroghel: From Narcissistic Isolation to Sadistic Pseudocouples: Tracing the Genesis of Endgame Shane Weller: Staging Psychoanalysis: Endgame and the Freudian Theory of the Anal-Sadistic Phase Paul Stewart: Sexual and Aesthetic Reproduction in Malone Dies Matthew Feldman: Beckett and Philosophy, 1928-1938 Anthony Cordingley: Samuel Beckett’s Debt to Aristotle: Cosmology, Syllogism, Space, Time David Tucker: Towards an Analysis of Geulincx and the Ur- Watt Julie Campbell: Bunyan and Beckett: The Legacy of Pilgrim’s Progress in Mercier and Camier Erik Tonning: “Nor by the Eye of Flesh nor by the Other”: Fleshly, Creative and Mystical Vision in Late Beckett Claire Lozier: Breath as Vanitas: Beckett’s Debt to a Baroque Genre Legacies Steven Connor: Beckett and the Loutishness of Learning Mary Bryden: “Stuck in a Stagger”: Beckett and Cixous Alastair Hird: “What does it Matter who is Speaking,” Someone said, “What does it Matter who is Speaking”: Beckett, Foucault, Barthes David Addyman : Rest of Stage in Darkness: Beckett, his Directors and Place Mark Nixon: Beckett – Frisch – Dürrenmatt Daniel Katz: Where Now?: A Few Reflections on Beckett, Robert Smithson, and the Local Katrin Wehling-Giorgi: “Splendid Little Pictures”: Leibnizian Terminology in the Works of Samuel Beckett and Carlo Emilio Gadda Laura Salisbury: Art of Noise: Beckett’s Language in a Culture of Information Bill Prosser: Beckett’s Barbouillages Interview Rosemary Pountney and Matthew Feldman: An Interview with Dr Rosemary Pountney Free Space Rodney Sharkey: Beaufret, Beckett, and Heidegger: The Question(s) of Influence Dror Harari: Breath and the Tradition of 1960’s New Realism: Between Theatre and Art Dan O’Hara: The Metronome of Consciousness Natália Laranjinha: L’Écriture Aphasique de Samuel Beckett Trish McTighe: Haptic Interfaces: The Live and the Recorded Body in Beckett’s Eh Joe on Stage and Screen Notes on Contributors