The Savage Eye / L'Oeil Fauve

A Collection of Critical Essays on Samuel Beckett’s Film and Television Plays


Editor: Catharina Wulf

Table of contents

Catharina WULF: Introduction. Discussion: Table Ronde à propos de Beckett et la télévision. Rosemary POUNTNEY: Beckett and the Camera. Tony ZINMAN: Eh Joe and the Peephole Aesthetic. Shimon LEVY: Spirit Made Light - Eyes and Other I's in Beckett's TV Plays. Daniel KATZ: Mirror-Resembling Screens: Yeats, Beckett and ... But the Clouds ... . Bruno CLÉMENT: Nébuleux Objet à propos de ... but the clouds ... . Mary BRYDEN: Quad: Dancing Genders. ... Pourquoi la télé entretien avec Pierre Chabert. Catharina WULF: Desire in Beckett's Television Plays. A Psychoanalytical Approach to Film, Quad, Eh Joe and Ghost Trio. Claran ROSS: The Face in the Mirror: A Comparison between waiting for Godot and Film. Marek KEDZIERSKI: Beckett and the (un)changing Image of the Mind. Peter GIDAL: No Eye: Theoretical Reflections on the Eye, Metaphor, Film/Video. The Down-and-Outer within us All. Interview with Nan Hoover.