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Essays in Honor of Claus Clüver


This interdisciplinary volume explores, analyzes, and celebrates intermedial processes. It investigates the dynamic relations between media in contemporary artistic productions such as digitalized poetry and installations or musical scores by Walter Steffens and Hugh Davies; in texts like Dieter Roth’s diaries, Ror Wolf’s guidebooks, Charles Baudelaire’s art criticism, or Lewis Carroll’s Alice books; and in inherently intermedial pieces like Stéphane Mallarmé’s Un Coup de Dés and Augusto de Campos’s poetry. Through distinct and diverse methodological approaches to intermedial inquiry, the contributors probe multiple forms of interaction between media: adaptation, appropriation, transposition, transfer, recycling, grafting, recontextualization, intertextualization, transmedialization, and transcreation. In so doing, they offer perspectives which refine our understanding of the term ‘medium’ and demonstrate ways in which intermedial creations engage their audiences and stimulate creative responses.
Written in honor of Claus Clüver, a groundbreaking leader in intermediality studies, the essays participate in and broaden the scope of current discourses in the international forum. The range of their subjects and methodologies will interest literary scholars, art historians, musicologists, scholars of new media as well as those working in intermediality studies, word and image or word and music studies, and anyone whose interests cross traditional disciplinary boundaries.
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Table of contents

Gunilla Iversen, Benkt-Erik Hedin: To Claus Clüver
Stephanie A. Glaser: Dynamics of Intermedial Inquiry
Part One: Intermedial Processes
Section One: Intermedial Transpositions and Transfers
Siglind Bruhn: Resounding Images: Picasso in Musical Transmedializations by Walter Steffens
Stephanie A. Glaser: The Gothic Façade in Word and Image: Romantic and Modern Perspectives on Notre-Dame de Paris
Lauren S. Weingarden: Benjamin’s Elective Affinities: Re-assessing “The Paris of the Second Empire in Baudelaire”
Isabel Capeloa Gil: When the Woman Returns: Re-visions of Homecoming in Postwar American Film
Nils Holger Petersen: Poetry, Truthfulness, and the ‘Pity of War’: The Sacrifice of Isaac, Wilfred Owen, and Benjamin Britten
Section Two: Intermedial Creation and Production
Véronique Plesch: Memory and Intermediality in Margaret Libby’s “Portraits of Colby Women”
Eric Vos: ‘Intersemiotic’ Transposed: Dieter Roth’s “1 Bericht mit Kommentar”
Nicolas Bell: Sounds Heard: The Music of Hugh Davies
Thaïs Flores Nogueira Diniz: Intermediality in the Theater of Robert Lepage
Solange Ribeiro de Oliveira: Brazilian Arts: The Migration of Poetry to Videos and Installations
Eduardo Kac: Biopoetry
Part Two: The Visual Page
Section One: Illustration
Helena Buescu: History as Traumatic Memory: Das Áfricas by Maria Velho da Costa and José Afonso Furtado
Miguel Tamen: The Customary Connection
Monika Schmitz-Emans: The Enigmas of the Universe in Word and Image: Ror Wolf’s Guidebooks
Hans Lund: Karen Blixen’s ‘Stork Story’ and the Notion of Illustration
André Melo Mendes: Crossing the Borders of the Text and the Page: An Analysis of the Work of Angela Lago
Section Two: Visual and Contemporary Poetry
Aiko Okamoto MacPhail: The Vision of Poetry: Un Coup de Dés by Stéphane Mallarmé
Michael Webster: Cummings’s Silent Numerical Iconic Prosody
Magnolia Rejane Andrade dos Santos: Transgressive Visualities: Reading Villari Herrmann’s Oxigênesis
Pedro Reis: Portuguese Experimental Poetry – Revisited and Recreated
K. David Jackson: Augusto de Campos and Trompe-l’œil in Concrete Poetry
Augusto de Campos: Claus Clüver: Memos
In Honorem
Biography Claus Clüver
Claus Clüver: Interarts Studies: An Introduction
Notes on Contributors


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