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Preface. Heinz KIMMERLE: How can time become time (again)? How to repeat what never has been? Jan HOOGLAND: The necessity of intercultural philosophy. Jürgen HENGELBROCK: Some reflections on Aristotle's notion of time in an intercultural perspective. Hari SHANKAR PRASAD: Time in Buddhism and Leibniz: an intercultural perspective. Ram Adhar MALL: Time-arrow within the bounds of cyclic time. Ulrich LIBBRECHT: Chinese concepts of time: yü-chou as space-time. Tomonaga TAIRAKO: Time and temporality from the Japanese perspective. Wim van BINSBERGEN: Time, space and history in African divination and board-games. Kwasi WIREDU: Time and African thought. Joshua N. KUDADJIE: Aspects of Ga and Dangme thought about time as contained in their proverbs. Yacouba KONATÉ: Minimal vibrations of an infinite time. Douwe TIEMERSMA: Organic time: a contribution to intercultural philosophy including african and indian ideas. Henk OOSTERLING: Post-face. Bibliographical note on the authors. Bibliography of the publications 1989-1995 of Heinz Kimmerle.
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