Perspectives on Mobility


HerausgeberInnen: Ingo Berensmeyer und Christoph Ehland
Literature as cultural discourse has always courted mobility. From the nomadic wanderings of the heroes of Homer and Virgil through the adventures of the medieval knight-errants to the travellers of modern times, movement and mobility have been constitutive elements of story-telling. Since writers have begun to explore the experiential dimension of movement their texts have embraced the essential changeability and instability of ‘mobile worlds’. In this sense literature reflects and processes the transformative force of movement on the perception of the world and is part of the broader cultural discourses of mobility.
From the 1936 film Night Mail to the rapid movements of the dime novel detective and the metaphorical coding of automobility in Futurist poetry, the essays in this volume offer new perspectives on the phenomenon of mobility at the intersection between the literary imagination and cultural experience. They explore movement as a decisive force of change in the history of modernity and show how literature in its representation of mobility simultaneously aims both to mirror and to grasp the phenomenon.

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Ingo Berensmeyer and Christoph Ehland: Movement and Mobility: An Introduction
Part One: Movement and the Making of Space
Christian Huck: The Total Mobility of the Dime Novel Detective
Renate Brosch: Mapping Movement: Reimagining Cartography in The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet
Chris Thurgar-Dawson: Reality Mining and Meaningful Motion Patterns: A Critical GIS for Literary Studies
Klaus Benesch: Places of Beginning: Topography and Renewal in Thoreau’s Walden and Douglass’s Narrative
Anna Beck: Subjective Spaces - Spatial Subjectivities: Movement and Mobility in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane and Ian McEwan’s Saturday
Part Two: Conceptual Spaces
Birgit Neumann: Patterns of Global Mobility in Early Modern English Literature: Fictions of the Sea
Philipp Erchinger: Mobility, Movement, Method and Life in G.H. Lewes
Peter Merriman: Unpicking Time-Space: Towards New Apprehensions of Movement-Space
Sven Strasen, Timo Lothmann, and Peter Wenzel: On the Move: Discursive Integration of New Mobility Technologies through Poetry
Timo Lothmann and Antje Schumacher: Automobility in Poetry: A Conceptual Metaphor Approach
Notes on Contributors