Studies in South Slavic and Balkan Linguistics


Per AMBROSIANI: Internal Analysis of Church Slavic Orthography. Daniel E. COLLINS: The Pragmatics of indirect Speech in Old Church Slavonic and other Early Slavic Writings. Marc L. GREENBERG: The Vowel System of the Središ??c??e Dialect in Prlekija, Slovenia, based on the Descriptions of Karol Ozvald. Jadranka GVOZDANOVI_: 'And' has Four Different Correlates in Western South Slavic. Peter HOUTZAGERS: The Development of the Hidegség and Fertöhomok Vowel System. Peter HOUTZAGERS and Elena BUDOVSKAJA: Nominal and Verbal Inflexion in the ??C??akavian Dialect of Kali on the Island of Ugljan. Frederik KORTLANDT: On the Accent Marks in the first Freising Fragment. Frederik KORTLANDT: Pie. *j in Albanian. Jos SCHAEKEN: Neues zum Schicksal des II. Bandes der Geschichte der altkirchenslavischen Sprache von Nicolaas van Wijk (Aus dem Briefwechsel Max Vasmers). Han STEENWIJK: Masculine Accent Class (C) Substantives in Resian. William R. VEDER: The Earliest Attested Text of the Treatise O pismenex'b (The Paradosis of Text Family b before ca. 1225). Willem VERMEER: The Twofold Origin of Classical ??C??akavian.