Govor derevni Ostrovcy Pskovskoj oblasti / The Dialect of Ostrovcy in the Pskov oblast


This book offers a synchronic description of the dialect of a village in the western part of the Pskov oblast (north-western Russia). The dialects spoken there have long since attracted the interest of linguists. This is mainly due to features of the Old Novgorod dialect preserved in that area, such as the absence of the Second Palatalisation and cokan’e, i.e. non-distinction of dental and palatal affricates. The dialect of Ostrovcy shows a high concentration of such features. The book is relevant in yet another respect: it is one of the very few extensive descriptions of a Russian dialect. The description is based on fieldwork by the author in recent years. It concentrates on phonology, morphology and lexicon, but also gives an account of the most interesting syntactic and semantic characteristics.

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"…a remarkably thorough and comprehensive synchronic description of the phonology, morphonology, and morphology of the Ostrovtsy dialect of NW Russia." - in: Slavic and East European Journal, 46.3 (Fall, 2003)
"An important contribution to Russian dialect studies … very impressive … Honselaar is to be congratulated both for gathering such a large and useful data base and for the logical clarity with which he has made it available to the profession." - in: Canadian Slavonic Papers, Vol. XLIII, No. 4 (December 2001)
1. Introduction 2. Phonology 3. Morphonemics 4. The noun 5. The adjective 6. Pronouns and numerals 7. The verb 8. Particles, prepositions and conjunctions 9. Perfect and pluperfect 10 Dialect texts, followed by Lexicon.
The book is in Russian and has a summary in English.
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