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Papers on Baltic and Slavic accentology


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From a synchronic point of view, the various accentuation systems found in the Baltic and Slavic languages differ considerably from each other. We find languages with free accent and languages with fixed accent, languages with and without syllabic tones, and languages with and without a distinction between short and long vowels. Yet despite the apparent diversity in the attested Baltic and Slavic languages, the sources from which these languages have developed – the reconstructed languages referred to as Proto-Baltic and Proto-Slavic respectively – seem to have had very similar accentuation systems.
The prehistory and development of the Baltic and Slavic accentuation systems is the main topic of this book, which contains sixteen articles on Baltic and Slavic accentology written by some of the world’s leading specialists in this field.

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”This volume will be of primary interest to those already in the field of historical accentology … At the same time, The volume can serve as a good introduction to different approaches to research now being done.”
Slavic and East European Journal, Vol. 55, Issue 2 (Summer 2011)

“The book as a whole is attractively formatted, carefully edited, and priced so as to be affordable to individuals, and not only reference libraries. Its publication, and the international workshop series as a whole, testifies to the ongoing vitality of Balto-Slavic historical accentology, which continues to suggest both new solutions to existing problems and directions for future research.”
Canadian Slavonic Papers / Revue Canadienne des Slavistes, Vol. 52, No. 3/4 (September-December 2010)
Rainer ECKERT: Zum 40. Todestag des russischen Sprachforschers Dr. V.M. Illič-Svityč
Miguel CARRASQUER VIDAL: Slavic verbal accentuation – notes on origin and development
Rick DERKSEN: Slavic evidence for Balto-Slavic oxytona
V. A. DYBO: Sistema porozhdenija akcentnyx tipov proizvodnyx v balto-slavjanskom prajazyke
Adam HYLLESTED & Bernd GLIWA: Metatony in Lithuanian internal derivation
Mate KAPOVIĆ: The accent of Slavic *ja(zь) ‘I’
Frederik KORTLANDT: Accent retraction and tonogenesis
Thomas OLANDER: The accentuation of Old Prussian deiws ‘god’
Irina S. PEKUNOVA: O nekotoryx akcentuacionnyx osobennostjax sushchestvitel'nyx a.p. c v staroserbskix pamjatnikax)
Tijmen PRONK: The accentuation of the Slavic n-stems
Jens ELMEGÅRD RASMUSSEN: A note on Slaaby-Larsen’s law
Toshihiro SHINTANI: On Winter’s law in Balto-Slavic
Roman SUKAČ: Hirt’s law and Optimality Theory
Matej ŠEKLI: On Romance-Alpo-Slavic substitutional accentology: the case of pre-Slavic masculine substrate place names in Slovene
Alexandra TER-AVANESOVA: The accentuation of i-verbs in some Russian dialects: an innovation that preserves an archaism
Steven YOUNG: Tone in Latvian borrowings from Old Russian
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