Accent Matters

Papers on Balto-Slavic accentology


Editors: Tijmen Pronk and Rick Derksen
The accentual systems of the Baltic and Slavic languages continue to intrigue scholars of general and historical linguistics. They play an important role in the reconstruction of the linguistic ancestor of Baltic and Slavic, but also in the typological study of accentual systems. This volume contains contributions related to the accentology of the Baltic and Slavic languages by leading scholars in the field. They discuss the accentual systems that are attested in Baltic and Slavic dialects and texts, and the historical developments that led to these systems. The volume further contains contributions on similar accentual systems and developments in other languages, such as Abkhaz and the Mordvinian languages. A number of papers also deal with the role of the Balto-Slavic accents in the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European. The volume reflects the progress that has been made in the field of Baltic and Slavic accentuation during the last decades. It forms a major source for anyone interested in the latest developments and insights in the study of accentuation.

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The editors of this volume, Tijmen Pronk and Rick Derksen, have both published about Balto-Slavic accentuation and related subjects on numerous occasions.
”[an] informative volume” in: Slavic and East European Journal
Mislav Benić: Der Akzent bei den Verben der Mundart der Ortschaft Kukljica
Miguel Carrasquer Vidal: Syllables, intonations and Auslautgesetze
Rick Derksen: The fate of the neuter o-stems in Balto-Slavic
Vladimir Antonovič Dybo: Značenie zapadnokavkazskoj akcentnoj sistemy dlja izučenija balto-slavjanskix akcentnyx sistem
Vladimir Antonovič Dybo: Sistema akcentnyx paradigm v prusskom glagole
Ronald F. Feldstein: Nominal prosodic paradigms and their synchronic reflexes in West Slavic
Mate Kapović: The accentuation of i-verbs in Croatian dialects
Alwin Kloekhorst: The accentuation of the PIE word for ‘daughter’
Frederik Kortlandt: Winter’s Law again
Guus Kroonen: False exceptions to Winter’s Law: On the effects of Kluge’s law on the Proto-Germanic consonantism
Keith Langston: Tone reversal in Kajkavian dialects of Croatian
Julia Normanskaja: Die Entwicklung des Vokalismus vom Protouralischen zum Mordwinischen und die Rekonstruktion der urmordwinischen Betonung
Irina Semënova Pekunova: Nekotorye osobennosti glagol’noj akcentuacii v staroštokavskix pamjatnikax XV v.
Tijmen Pronk: On the development of initial * Hu, * Hi and the rise of initial acute diphthongs in Baltic and Slavic
Vytautas Rinkevičius: Akzentuierung der altpreußischen Substantiva mit den Suffixen -enīk- / -inīk- und -ik- / -īk-
Bonifacas Stundžia: The connection between circumflex and palatalization in Lithuanian word formation
Margarita Viktorovna Živova: O glagol’noj akcentuacii odnoj srednebolgarskoj rukopisi (Apostol NBKM №93)
Frederik Kortlandt: Issues in Balto-Slavic accentology