Dutch Contributions to the Tenth International Congress of Slavists, Sofia, September 14-22, 1988



Editor: André van Holk

Table of contents

“A Biblical Motif in Ivan Bunin’s Stories Written between 1916 and 1925”, Martine Artz “Visions of the North: Remarks on Russian Literary World-Pictures”, Joost van Baak “The Use of Folklore Elements for the Characterisation of the Personages in Turgenev’s Poezdka v poles’e”, Sander Brouwer “The Literary Inspiration of Pavel Filonov’s Art”, Mojmír Grygar “The Poetry of Aleksandar Vutimski”, Jan Paul Hinrichs “The Compositional Evolution of Anna Karenina”, A.H. Keesman-Marwitz “Комментарии к сборнику А.П. Платонова Епифанские шлюзы”, Thomas Langerak “Miroslav Krleža ou l’angoisse du Compromis; Extrait de Le jeune Krleža et ses critiques (1914-1924)”, Stanko Lasič “The Poetics of Jurij Ivask”, Theo Maarten van Lint “W. Gombrowiczs Dziewictwo: ein Anti-Märchen, eine Anti-Idylle oder Märchen/Idylle der Anti-Form?”, J.IJ. van der Meer “Hooft in Russian Translation: An Analysis of Style and Content against the Background of Differing Literary Traditions”, Arent van Nieukerken “Verse of Skazka o pope i o rabotnike ego balde and Its Polish Translation”, Lucylla Pszczołowska “Intertextual Montage in Babel’s Konarmija”, Marc Schreurs “Два стихотворения Ф. Тютчва”, T. Voogd-Stojanova “Narrative Devices in Russian Romantic Prose”, Willem G. Weststeijn “Notes on the Theme of Love and Separation in Iosif Brodskij’s Poetry”, Peter Zeeman

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