Literary Tradition and Practice in Russian Culture

Papers from an International Conference on the Occasion of the Seventieth Birthday of Yury Mikhailovich Lotman. Russian Culture: Structure & Tradition


Table of contents

PART I. POETRY MIKHAIL GASPAROV. THE FAILED PARNASSUS IN RUSSIAN POETRY. Stephany SANDLER: Myth of Pushkin in Russian Culture. Evgeny PERMIAKOV: On Viazamsky's Notebooks. Roman LEIBOV: The Unnoticed Tiutchev Cycle. Anna Lisa CRONE: Poetics of Space in Petersburg Poetry of the Twentieth Century. Justin DOHERTY: Acmeist Perceptions of Italy. Mikhail LOTMAN: Mandelshtam and Pasternak: An Attempt at Comparative Poetics. Liudmila ZUBOVA: The Place is Empty in Tsvetaeva's Poetry. Igor PILSHCHIKOV: Brodsky and Baratynsky: Poetry in Search of a Context. Valentina POLUKHINA: The Landscape of the Self in Brodsky's Poetry. Tomas Venclova: Alexandr Watt. PART II. PROSE JOE ANDREW: RESURRECTION AND REBIRTH: ELENA GAN' SOCIETY'S JUDGEMENT. Nina PERLINA: Incomplete Fragments in the Design of Dead Souls and their Fate in Russian Literature. Barbara LÖNNQVIST: A yurodivyi in the Drawing-Room - Hippolyte at Anna Scherer's in War and Peace. Rosana CASARI: Turgenev and the Myth of Psyche. Joost van BAAK: Leskov, Zamyatin and the Stylists of Russia. Aleksandr Danilevsky V.V. ROZANOV: Life and Literature. Pekka PESONEN: The Petersburg Context of Andrey Bitov's Prose.

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