Transcending the Absurd

Drama and Prose of Sławomir Mrozek


This is the first monographic study devoted to S??l??awomir Mro??z??ek, the most prominent contemporary Polish dramatist. It centers on Mrozek's development as a playwright, shown through the analysis of his complete dramas. Also discussed is Mro??z??ek's experience as a journalist and theatre critic, satirist and short story writer, author of cartoons and movie scenarios. The monograph spans Mrozek's beginnings as the Eastern European representative of the Theatre of the Absurd and his expatriate existence during which he transcends the absurdist model. Mrozek's return to Poland in 1996 reestablishes him as a major literary figures on the contemporary Polish scene. His continuous presence in Western and Eastern European theatres testifies to the broad appeal of his plays.
The presentation of Mrozek's entire artistic profile is supplemented by information on the reception of his writings in Poland and abroad, including the most important performances of his plays. The volume also provides a chronology of Mrozek's life and works, a complete listing of primary texts in Polish, English and German, a list of theatrical premieres, and a bibliography of secondary sources.

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Table of contents

Acknowledgments. S??l??awomir Mro??z??ek: Chronology. 1. Literary Profile. 2. Early Years under Socialist Realism. 3. The Satirist of People's Poland. 4. Early Drama: From The Police to Tango 1958-1963. 5. The Dramatist as Expatriate. 6. Late Prose. Bibliography. Index: Plays and Stories.

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