The Gothic-Fantastic in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature


Editor: Neil Cornwell

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”… excellent work.” in: Modern Language Review 97.1, 2002

Table of contents

Preface. Neil CORNWELL: Russian Gothic: An Introduction. Richard PEACE: From Pantheon to Pandemonium. Derek OFFORD: Karamzin's Gothic Tale: The Island of Bornholm. Alessandra TOSI: At the Origins of the Russian Gothic Novel: Nikolai Gnedich's Don Corrado de Gerrera (1803). Michael PURSGLOVE: Does Russian Gothic Verse Exist? The Case of Vasilii Zhukovskii. Claire WHITEHEAD: The Fantastic in Russian Romantic Prose: Pushkin's The Queen of Spades. Roger COCKRELL: Philosophical Tale or Gothic Horror Story? The Strange case of V.F. Odoevskii's The Cosmorama. Cynthia C. RAMSEY: Gothic Treatment of the Crisis of Engendering in Odoevskii's The Salamander Carolyn JURSA AYERS: Elena Gan and the Female Gothic in Russia. Priscilla MEYER: Supernatural Doubles: Vii and The Nose. Ignat AVSEY: The Gothic in Gogol and Dostoevskii. Leon BURNETT: The Echoing Heart: Fantasias of the Female in Dostoevskii and Turgenev. Ann KOMAROMI: Unknown Force: Gothic Realism in Chekhov's The Black Monk. List of Contributors. Select Bibliography. Index.

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