Turgenev and Russian Culture

Essays to Honour Richard Peace


The present volume has as its central aim a reassessment of the works of Ivan Turgenev for the twenty-first century. Against the background of a decline in interest in nineteenth-century literature the articles gathered here seek to argue that the period in general, and his work in particular, still have much to offer the modern sensibility. The volume also offers a great variety of approaches. Some of the contributors tackle major works by Turgenev, including Rudin and Smoke, while others address key themes that run through all his creative work. Yet others address his influence, as well as his broader relationship with Russian and other cultures. A final group of articles examines other key figures in Russian literary culture, including Belinskii, Herzen and Tolstoi. The work will therefore be of interest to students, postgraduates and specialists in the field of Russian literary culture. At the same time, they will stand as a tribute to the life and work of Professor Richard Peace, a long-standing specialist in nineteenth-century Russian literature, in whose honour the volume has been compiled.


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”With his indepth, yet highly readable explorations of Turgenev’s writings and his cultural milieu, Turgenev and Russian Culture will prove useful for both specialists and general audiences.” in: Slavic and East European Journal 53.4 (Winter 2009)


Derek OFFORD: Richard Peace: An Appreciation
Joe ANDREW: Introduction: Turgenev and Russian Culture
Joe ANDREW: Death and the Maiden: Narrative, Space, Gender and Identity in Asia
Michael BASKER: ‘The Poetry of Moscow Existence’: An Analysis of N.M. Iazykov’s Spring Night
A.D.P. BRIGGS: Did Carmen really come from Russia (with a little help from Turgenev)?
Leon BURNETT: Turgenev and the Sphinx
Boris CHRISTA: A ‘Buttoned-up’ Hero of His Time: Turgenev’s Use of the Language of Vestimentary Markers in Rudin
Ruth COATES: Mystical Union in the Philosophy of Vladimir Solovev
Neil CORNWELL: First Loves and Last Rites: from Ivan Turgenev to John Banville
Eric De HAARD: The Uses of Poetry in Turgenev’s Prose: A Quiet Spot
Ros DIXON: ‘The avant-garde, you know, can easily become the rearguard. All it takes is a change of direction.’ Anatolii Efros’ Production of A Month in the Country: A Dialogue with Stanislavskii.
Charles ELLIS: Tolstoi: Great Men and the Mathematical Mechanics of History
Cynthia MARSH: Post-War British Month (s) in the Country
Derek OFFORD: Worshipping the Golden Calf: the Intelligentsia’s Conception of the Bourgeois World in the Age of Nicholas
Richard PEACE: The Dark Side of Turgenev
Robert PORTER: The Paradoxes of Parody: Notes on the Art of Mikhail Zoshchenko and Evgenii Popov
Michael PURSGLOVE: Dulcis fumus patriae: Tiutchev, Turgenev and Smoke
Robert REID: A Hunter’s Sketches: A Peircean Perspective
Alexandra SMITH: Nostalgic Visions and Mnemonic Figures: Tsvetaeva’s Allusions to Ivan Turgenev’s Goethian Outlook
Claire WHITEHEAD: Ivan Turgenev’s Phantoms: The Spectre of Hesitation
Richard Peace’s Publications: Compiled by Derek OFFORD

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