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Textxet welcomes the submission of monographs and edited collections of articles that fall within the broad category of Comparative Literature: theories of literature, world literature, works dealing with various literatures, and comparisons between the arts.
Only submissions in English will be considered.
All manuscripts considered suitable will undergo a double peer review process before acceptation.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals for manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Masja Horn and Iulia Ivana.

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REFLECTIONS ON THEORY AND METHODOLOGY. Claus CLÜVER: On Representation in Concrete and Semiotic Poetry. Áron Kibédi VARGA: L'image pensée. Lauren WEINGARDEN: Art Historical Iconography and Word & Image Studies: Manet's A Bar at the Folies-Bergère and the Naturalist Novel. ON INTER-TEXTUAL RELATIONS. Giselle de NIE: Seeing and Believing in the Early Middle Ages: A Preliminary Investigation. Else JONGENEEL: La bible d'images de Saint Marc à Venise. Pierre DEMAROLLE: Mots et images, ecriture et espaces dans un roman français du XVe Kathryn PORTER AICHELE: Paul Klee's Composition with Windows: An Homage and an Elegy. SEMIOTICS, PAINTING, AND POETRY. Dee REYNOLDS: Imagination and Semiotic Interactions in Painting and Poetry. Eric VOS: Visual Literature and Semiotic Conventions. Francis EDELINE: L'éspace-temps dans la poésie sémiotique. Eduardo KAC: Holopoetry and Hyperpoetry. ON MONUMENTS. Michael GARVAL: The Rise and Fall of the Literary Monument in Post-Revolutionary France. Charles VANDERSEE: Contesting Meaning in the Late 19th Century: A Site of American Art, Autobiography, and Ambition. Charlotte SCHOELL-GLASS: The Medium is the Message: Ian Hamilton Finlay's Garden Little Sparta. CARTOONS AND CARICATURE. Mirela SAIM: Faire comprendre au peuple: représentation caricaturale et éloquence democratique dans la culture politique française de 1848. Eric HASKELL: Fusing Word and Image: The Case of the Cartoon Book, Wilde and Shelton. WORD-IMAGE INTERACTIONS IN FAR-EASTERN PRACTICES. Mingfei SHI: The Three Perfections: Isomorphic Structures in Works of Late Chinese Poet-Calligraphers-Painters. Aiko OKAMOTO-MACPHAIL: Interacting Signs in the Genji Scrolls. Fumiko TOGASAKI: The Assertion of Heterodoxy in Kyoden's Verbal-Visual Texts. BEYOND CONVENTIONAL BOUNDARIES. David SCOTT: Semiotics and Ideology in Mixed Messages: The Postage Stamp. Lewis DIBBLE: Harry Wilmer's Drawings: Visual Communication and Violation of Outline Conventions. Hans LUND: From Epigraph to Iconic Epigram: The Interaction Between Buildings and Their Inscriptions in the Urban Space. Monique MOSER-VERREY: Images du corps et communication non verbale dans l'écriture de Franz Kafka. Jürgen E. MÜLLER: Video - or the Intermedial State of the Art.

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