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Word & Image Interactions III


Textxet welcomes the submission of monographs and edited collections of articles that fall within the broad category of Comparative Literature: theories of literature, world literature, works dealing with various literatures, and comparisons between the arts.
Only submissions in English will be considered.
All manuscripts considered suitable will undergo a double peer review process before acceptation.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals for manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Masja Horn and Iulia Ivana.

Please advise our Guidelines for a Book Proposal.

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THEORETICAL CONSIDERATIONS. Mieke BAL: Basic Instincts and Their Discontents. Hanjo BERRESSEM: One Surface Fits All: Texts, Images and the Topology of Hypermedia. Hugo CAVIOLA: The Rhetoric of Interdisciplinarity. Andrew ROTHWELL: Bernard Noël: Espace, Regard, Sens. Nigel SAINT: Pour l'amour d'un plaisir sévère: Following Louis Marin. Áron Kibédi VARGA: Entre le texte et l'image: une pragmatique des limites. Tamar YACOBI: The Ekphrastic Figure of Speech. PAINTINGS, PRINTS AND PHOTOGRAPHS. Leo H. HOEK: Le titre à l'oeuvre. Manet, modernisme et institutions. Shigemi INAGA: The Painter Who Disappeared in the Novel: Images of an Oriental Artist in European Literature. Debra KELLY: A Reading of the Structures of La Guerre (1916) by Pierre Albert-Birot. Laura MALOSETTI COSTA: Poetic Painting and Picturesque Poetry: Literature and Visual Arts in the Emergence of National Symbolic Repertoires in the River Plate Area. Jürgen MÜLLER: News from Plato's Cave: Jeff Wall's A Sudden Gust of Wind and Dead Troops Talk. Clara ORBAN: Bruised Words, Wounded Images, in Frida Kahlo. Véronique PLESCH: Pictorial ars praedicandi in Late Fifteenth-century Paintings. Ruth RENNIE: Visual Representations of Political Discourse: The Example of the French Communist Party Between the Wars. Charlotte SCHOELL-GLASS: En grisaille - Painting Difference. BOOKS, TYPOGRAPHY AND OTHER MEDIA. Francis EDELINE: Le Roi Arthur et la sémiotique visuelle. Eric T. HASKELL: IMAGINING the Text: Baudelaire's Parfum Exotique. Will HILL: The Digital Scriptorium. Towards a Pre-Gutenberg Perspective on Contemporary Typographic Practice. Renée RIESE HUBERT: From Things as They Are to What They Become: From Illustration to Bookwork. Yves JEANNERET: Matérialités de l'immatériel. Vers une sémiotique du multimédia. BEYOND MERE WORD AND IMAGE. Burratonie ABRIOUX: Ektopias: Two Landscapes of the Ideal. Penny FLORENCE: Touching Gender: The Word, the Image and the Tactile. Barbara Hepworth's Stereognostic Sculpture. Dario GAMBONI: Jasper Johns, Richard Hamilton et le critique, 1959-1980. Kenneth G. HAY: Generic Specificity and the Problem of Translation in Galvano Della Volpe. John Dixon HUNT: Word & Image in the Garden.

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