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Over the last two decades, the experiences of colonization and decolonization, once safely relegated to the margins of what occupied students of history and literature, have shifted into the latter's center of attention, in the West as elsewhere. This attention does not restrict itself to the historical dimension of colonization and decolonization, but also focuses upon their impact upon the present, for both colonizers and colonized. The nearly fifty essays here gathered examine how literature, now and in the past, keeps and has kept alive the experiences - both individual and collective - of colonization and decolonization. The contributors to this volume hail from the four corners of the earth, East and West, North and South. The authors discussed range from international luminaries past and present such as Aphra Behn, Racine, Blaise Cendrars, Salman Rushdie, Graham Greene, Derek Walcott, Guimarães Rosa, J.M. Coetzee, André Brink, and Assia Djebar, to less known but certainly not lesser authors like Gioconda Belli, René Depestre, Amadou Koné, Elisa Chimenti, Sapho, Arthur Nortje, Es'kia Mphahlele, Mark Behr, Viktor Paskov, Evelyn Wilwert, and Leïla Houari. Issues addressed include the role of travel writing in forging images of foreign lands for domestic consumption, the reception and translation of Western classics in the East, the impact of contemporary Chinese cinema upon both native and Western audiences, and the use of Western generic novel conventions in modern Egyptian literature.

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Preface Introduction ASIAN MEMORIES Dolores ROMERO LÓPEZ: Redirections in Orientalism Daisuke NISHIHARA: China As Japan’s Orient Kazue NAKAMURA: Colonizer Colonized Dorothy WONG: ‘Domination by Consent’ Thomas Y.T. LUK: Post-colonialism and Contemporary Hong Kong Theatre Kwok-kan TAM: Identity on the Bridge Bernadette REY-MIMOSO RUIZ: Visages réinventés de l’Inde Tabish KHAIR: Caste in Indian English Fiction P.P. RAVEENDRAN: Colonialism in Reverse Thomas WÄGENBAUR: ‘East, West, Home’s Best’ Ken IRELAND: Home Internationals Christina CHENG MIU BING: Colonial Stereotyping and Cultural Anthropophagy Ning WANG: ‘Localization’ and ‘Decolonization’ Benzi ZHANG: Orientalism Re-oriented AMERICAN MEMORIES Amaryll CHANADY: Cultural Memory and the New World Imaginary Rose Anna MUELLER: Gonzalo Guerrero and the Discourse of Colonialism Dulce Maria Viana MINDLIN: In the Father’s Shadow Ingrid van ALMSICK: Gioconda Belli: Révolution et utopie dans la littérature nicaraguayenne contemporaine Maria Teresa de FREITAS: Exotisme et cosmopolitisme Erdmute Wenzel WHITE: Cultural Memory and Decolonization Myriam AVILA: Guimarães Rosa and the Look of the Foreigner in Travel Literature Gentil de FARIA: Comparative Literature Below the Equator A. James ARNOLD: Spider and Rabbit Francesca NERI: Modern Versus Postmodern Models of Identity in Caribbean Literature Wolfgang CZIESLA: Haiti: Government Terror and Resistance Doris HAMBUCH: ‘Rester au pays natal’ Maria Christina RODRIGUEZ: The Construction of the Imaginary Homeland Elizabeth DAHAB: Francophonie en exil et littératures mineures AFRICAN MEMORIES Jonathan HART: The Example of Spain Maria Theresia PINTO COELHO: The Image of the Portuguese in the British Novel of Empire Virginie KOUASSI AFFOUE: Identité métisse, identité problématique Gabriel SORO: La problématique de l’intellectuel et de la mentalité de colonisé dans l’Afrique post-coloniale Anny WYNCHANK: De la scène à l’écran Jeanne-Marie CLERC: Du cinéma à la littérature Liesbeth KORTHALS ALTES: Identité, mémoire, fantasme dans L’amour, la fantasia de Assia Djebar Yvette BENAYOUN-SZMIDT: De la contiguité à l’espacement, de la fusion au schisme Pieter CONRADIE: The Story of Eva (Krotoa) Dirk KLOPPER: Black Residue James McCORKLE: Cannibalizing Texts Reingard NETHERSOLE: Places of the Past As Sites of Cultural Self-constitution and Preservation Frederike OLIVIER: Decolonizing the Patriarch EUROPEAN MEMORIES Andrew HISCOCK: Passionate Imperialism Thomas SCHWARZ: Colonialism and Exoticism Duarte MIMOSO-RUIZ: Du miel des colonisateurs portugais aux cendres des colonisés Roumiana DELTCHEVA: East Central Europe As a Post-coloniality Sandra PONZANESI: Comparing Minority Discourses Najib REDOUANE: De l’espace identitaire à l’espace d’exil ou la belgicité chez deux romancières Nasr ABU-ZAYD: The Image of Europe in Modern Egyptian Narrative
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