The Rhetoric of Canadian Writing


The sixteen articles in The Rhetoric of Canadian Writing are a welcome contribution to the growing interest in Canadian culture, indicating its variety - Aboriginal, Anglo-Canadian and French-Canadian culture and their interrelationships are all represented. In classical oratory the term “rhetoric” signifies the art of influencing the thought and conduct of readers and listeners, and this concept is used as an underlying current of debate in this volume. Contributors address the theme of identity and post-colonial disputation in their explorations of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century writing by Elizabeth Simcoe, Catharine Parr Traill and Lucy Montgomery as well as contemporary works by Margaret Atwood, Nancy Huston, Wayne Johnston, Susan Swan, Jacques Poulin and Rudy Wiebe. Quebecoise writer Louis Dupré contributes a compelling reflection on women's writing in Quebec.

Table of contents

Introduction: The Rhetoric of Canadian Writing 1 Susan SWAN: The Writer’s Conscience and the Rhetoric of Canadian Writing 2 Louise DUPRÉ: Women’s Writing in Quebec: From Rhetoric to New Social Propositions 3 Jaap LINTVELT: Quebec: City and Identity 4 E.F. DYCK: The Places of Aboriginal Writing 2000 in Canada: The Novel 5 Eric MILLER: Elizabeth Simcoe and the Fate of the Picturesque 6 Suzanne JAMES: The “Indians” of Catharine Parr Traill’s The Backwoods of Canada 7 Martin REININK: The Rhetoric of Emerging Literatures 8 Kathleen VENEMA: Shifting Rhetorics of Space in English-Canadian Exploration Literature 9 Monique DULL: Kinship and Nation in Amelia (1848) and Anne of Green Gables (1908) 10 Conny STEENMAN-MARCUSE: The Rhetoric of Autobiography in Susan Swan’s The Biggest Modern Woman of the World 11 Anna BRANACH-KALLAS: Lovers and/or Enemies: Love and Nationality in Nancy Huston’s The Mark of the Angel 12 Coral Ann HOWELLS: Margaret Atwood’s Discourse of Nation and National Identity in the 1990s 13 Hans BAK: Writing Newfoundland, Writing Canada: Wayne Johnston’s The Colony of Unrequited Dreams 14 Robert DRUCE: A Visiting Distance: Patrick Anderson, Poet, Autobiographer, and Exile 15 Graciela MARTÍNEZ-ZALCE: Montreal: Several Versions of a City 16 J.M. MACLENNAN AND John MOFFATT: An Island View of the World: Insularity in the Popular Writing of Stompin’ Tom Connors Notes on Contributors