Post/Imperial Encounters

Anglo-Hispanic Cultural Relations


Spanish and English are two of the most widely spoken languages in today’s world, and are linked by a colonial presence in the Americas that has often provoked turbulent relations between Britain and Spain. Despite abundant exchanges between Spain and the British Isles, and evident contact in the Americas, cross-cultural analyses are infrequent, and ironically language barriers still prevail in a world the media and globalization would appear to render borderless: English and Hispanic Studies have seldom converged, the islands of the Caribbean continue to be separated by language, while the new empire, the United States, has difficulty in admitting to its Hispanic component, let alone recognizing that the name “America” encompasses a wider continent. Post/Imperial Encounters: Anglo-Hispanic Cultural Relations attempts to bridge this gap through articles on literature, history and culture that concentrate primarily on three periods: the colonial interventions of Britain and Spain in the Americas, the Spanish Civil War and the present world, with its global culture and new forms of colonialism.

Review Quotes

”…a fine range of studies…” in: The British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America, the Caribbean, Portugal and Spain, No. 112, April 2005

Table of contents

Isabel CARRERA SUÁREZ and Juan E. TAZÓN SALCES: Introduction 1 Francisco J. BORGE : A Tropological Approach to New World Promotional Writings in Renaissance England 2 Juan E. TAZÓN SALCES: The Menace of the Wanderer: Thomas Stukeley and the Anglo-Spanish Conflict in Ireland 3 Jacqueline A. HURTLEY: Wandering between the Wars: Walter Starkie’s Di/visions 4 Keith WHITLOCK: The Theatrical Construction of a Cavalier Mentality in Fletcher’s Plays and a Jonsonian Riposte 5 María del Carmen BOBES NAVES: The Translation of Hamlet by Leandro Fernández de Moratín: Neoclassical Genius and Dramatic Rules 6 Ana María BRINGAS LÓPEZ: Perspectives on Caribbean Gender Relations in Narratives by Velma Pollard, Hazel D. Campbell and Micheline Dusseck 7 M. Belén MARTÍN LUCAS: North American Native Autobiographies and Latin American Testimonios: The Dialogic Self 8 Isabel CARRERA SUÁREZ: The Americas, Postcoloniality and Gender: New World Witches in Maryse Condé and Lucía GUERRA 9 D. Gareth WALTERS: Two Ages of Man in Lorca and Dylan Thomas: From the Adolescent Imagination to the Childhood Perception 10 María Elena SOLIÑO: When Wendy Grew Up: The Importance of Peter Pan in Ana María Matute’s Primera memoria and Esther Tusquets’ El mismo mar de todos los veranos 11 Luz Mar GONZÁLEZ ARIAS: Revising Phallogocularcentrism: Lourdes Ortiz’s “Eva” and Irish Re/writings of the Myth of Eve 12 Guillermo IGLESIAS DÍAZ: Postmodern Mysteries: Allen and Almodóvar across Genre Boundaries Notes on Contributors Index