Space / Time / Image / Word

Based on papers presented at the Fifth Triennial Conference of the International Association of Word and Image Studies (IAWIS/AERTI) held in 2002 in Hamburg, the twenty-two essays in this volume cover a wide array of intermedial relations and a great variety of media, from medieval architecture to interactive digital art. They have been arranged in sections labeled “History and Identity,” “Cultural Memory,” “Texts and Photographs: Cultural Anthropology and Cultural Memory,” “Mixed-Media Texts: Cartography in Contemporary Art and Fiction,” “Mixed-Media Texts: ‘Yellow-Cover Books’, Artists' Books, and Comics,” “Intermedia Texts: Logotypes,” and “Space, Spatialization, Virtual Space.” Displaying a range of methods and interests, these contributions by scholars from Europe, the United States, and South America working in different disciplines confirm the impression voiced by IAWIS president Charlotte Schoell-Glass in her introduction that “the influence of Visual and Cultural Studies has changed the outlook of many who study the interactions of texts and images”.

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Charlotte SCHOELL-GLASS: Introduction History and Identity Pamela J. WARNER: “To Paint the Color of Things”: The Goncourt Brothers and the Pictoriality of History Lauren S. WEINGARDEN : The Mirror as a Metaphor of Baudelairean Modernity Valentin NUSSBAUM : À l’ombre des portraits en fleurs: Symbolisme et troubles de l’identité de Whistler à Hitchcock Andrea GRUNERT : L’Histoire transformée en légende: Andrzej Wajda et la Pologne idéalisée Cultural Memory Marijke JONKER : “From Death and Despair to Hope”: Géricault, Poussin, and Cultural Memory in France Stephanie A. GLASER : “Deutsche Baukunst”, “Architecture Française”: The Use of the Gothic Cathedral in the Creation of National Memory in Nineteenth-Century Germany and France Nathalie ROELENS : La Représentation de la barbarie en littérature, en peinture et au cinéma Texts and Photographs: Cultural Anthropology and Cultural Memory Étienne SAMAIN : Les Risques du texte et de l’image: Autour de Balinese Character (1942), Gregory Bateson et Margaret Mead Rebecca J. DEROO : Boltanski’s Display at the Documenta 5: Personal or Cultural Memory? Ursala REIDEL-SCHREWE : The Burial Place of Heimat Mixed-Media Texts: Cartography in Contemporary Art and Fiction Christina LJUNGBERG : Cartographic Strategies in Contemporary Fiction Susanne DÜCHTING : The Interaction of Art and Cartography in the Work of Simon Patterson and Susanne Weirich Mixed-Media Texts: “Yellow-Cover Books”, Artists’ Books, and Comic Strips Fumiko T. TOGASAKI : Defiance from Within: Cosmopolitan “Innovators” in Isolated Feudal Japan Regine RAPP : Tango with Cows: Russian Futurist Book Art Véronique PLESCH : From Image to Word: The Books of Lucie Lambert Claude DUÉE : Là où le mot se fait image et où l’image se fait mot: Nouvelle bande dessinée et bande dessinée d’avant-garde Intermedia Texts : Logotypes Hans LUND : Alma Mater’s New Face: From University Seals to University Logos Claus CLÜVER : Mini-Icons: Letterforms, Logos, Logopoems Space, Spatialization, Virtual Space Massimo LEONE : On the QuincunX Carrie NOLAND : Graffiti and the Reinvention of Space Alan PROHM : Resources for a Poetics of Visual Poetry James TOBIAS : Gesture, Techniques, and Time: Disorientation at the Interface Notes about the contributors