Re-imagining Language and Literature for the 21st Century

Selected Proceedings of the XXII International Congress of FILLM held at Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand from 19-23 August 2002


In 28 essays selected from the proceedings of the XXII International Congress of FILLM held at Assumption University, Bangkok, scholars and teachers of languages and literatures have noted, bemoaned and analyzed the waning influence of the humanities to varying degrees. They have raised questions, offered solutions and vigorously defended their languages and literatures, often in no uncertain terms - not as a politically correct thing to do, but as a human obligation. The papers presented here are true to the spirit of the Congress from the moment of the keynote address to what followed in a spontaneous outbreak of voices from scholars of more than 70 universities throughout the world. For the first time, in an international congress, scholars have described with great sensitivity many languages and literatures often considered the periphery, in a sincere attempt to understand ‘the other’, thus making a passionate plea for inclusion in the umbrella of the world’s languages and literatures. With contributions by keynote speaker and authority on Comparative Literature Gayatri Spivak, USA and plenary speakers Vridhagiri Ganeshan, India; Roger Sell, Finland; Antoine Compagnon, France; and Chetana Nagavajara, Thailand this volume is of immense interest to scholars and teachers of languages and literatures the world over.


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Review Quotes

“The Federation embraces African, Asian, Pacific and Euro American universities. Comparative Literature cannot hold just the last item on this list as its material base.” – Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Table of contents

Introduction Bureau of FILLM 1999-2002 — Local Organizing Committee Keynote Address Gayatri Chakravorty SPIVAK: Commonwealth Literature and Comparative Literature SUBTHEME 1: New Foundations: Grounding Language and Literature Studies in Ethics Vridhagiri GANESHAN: Grounding Language and Literature Studies in Ethics or Altum Silentium Anders PETTERSSON: The Possibility of Global Literary History Edward P. VARGO: “I Am Not a Consumer, I Am a Learner:” Language and Literature in Lean and Mean Universities H.P. van COLLER: The Medium of Teaching At South African Universities: the Position of Afrikaans Piera CARROLI & Louise MAURER : Issues of Inclusion and Representation: Teaching Literature and Culture Across Art Forms SUBTHEME 2: New Contexts: Facing Social Change in Language and Literature Studies Roger D. SELL: Social Change and Scholarly Mediation LIANG CHUA MORITA: Language Shift in the Thai Chinese Community Esther V. SCHNEIDER HANDSHIN: History in Memory: Problems of Literary Representation of the Holocaust in the Writing of Ingeborg Bachmann, Barbara Honigmann and Ruth Schweikert Sigfrid HOEFERT: German Naturalist Drama in Film: the Case of Gerhart Hauptmann’s Die Weber and Der Biberpelz Sonia FAESSEL: Construction of A Cultural Identity in the Writings of Sia Figiel and Flora Devatine: the Case of The Girl in the Moon Circle (1996) and Tergiversations et rêveries de l’écriture orale (1998) HO-BYEONG YOON: ‘Language War’ for the Survival of the Fittest in the Era of Multi-cultural Society: Perspectives of Korean Literary Circles for the Vision and Re-Vision Edson Rosa da SILVA: La métamorphose de la littérature et de l’art selon André Malraux SUBTHEME 3: New Instruments: Integrating Technology into Language and Literature Studies Antoine COMPAGNON: A World Without Authors Patrick IMBERT: Literature and Globalization: the Future of the Humanities Meta GROSMAN: Literature Teaching As A Challenge Suthira DUANGSAMOSORN: The Changing Form of Fiction: Narrative Technique in Chart Korbjitti’s Time Greg STRATTON & Donna CZEKALOWSKI: Journeys in Writing: Technology and Literature As the Art of Possibility Maria Luisa ANTONAYA: A Revolutionary Medium: the World Wide Web in Peace Activism SUBTHEME 4: New Communications: East Meets West Meets North Meets South Chetana NAGAVAJARA: Contemporary Poetry As A Global Dialogue Theo D’HAEN: Post/Modernist East Cecilia HSUEH CHEN LIU: Writing Back to the Empire: From M. Butterfly to Madame Butterfly Mithilesh K. PANDEY: Akademi-Awarded Novels in English: Raja Rao’s The Serpent and the Rope Carrie VILLENEUVE: S.P. Somtow’s Jasmine Nights: A Lesson in Orchestration and Mastery of Language Sushama KASBEKAR: A Comparison of Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things and S.P. Somtow’s Jasmine Nights Hope SABAN-PAN YU: Representation in Philippine American Women Writers: Between Authenticity and Orientalism Lindy STIEBEL: The Return of the Native: Lewis Nkosi’s Mating Birds (1986) Revisited in Post-apartheid Durban, 2001 Daniela HUREZANU: Roland Barthes et le Japon