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Contemporary research on Caribbean literature displays a rich variety of themes, literary and cultural categories, forms, genres, languages. Still, the concept of a unified Caribbean literary space remains questionable, depending upon whether one strictly limits it to the islands, enlarges it to adopt a Latin-American perspective, or even grants it inter-American dimensions. This book is an ambitious tentative to bring together specialists from various disciplines: neither just French, Spanish, English, or Comparative studies specialists, nor strictly “Caribbean literature” specialists, but also theoreticians, cultural studies scholars, historians of cultural translation and of intercultural transfers. The contributions tackle two major questions: what is the best possible division of labor between comparative literature, cultural anthropology and models of national or regional literary histories? how should one make use of “transversal” concepts such as: memory, space, linguistic awareness, intercultural translation, orature or hybridization? Case studies and concrete projects for integrated research alternate with theoretical and historiographical contributions. This volume is of utmost interest to students of Caribbean studies in general, but also to anyone interested in Caribbean literatures in Spanish, English and French, as well as to students in comparative literature, cultural studies and transfer research.

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Interdisciplinary Exchanges: Aimings and Effects
Albert-James ARNOLD: Au-delà d’A History of Literature in the Caribbean: Perspectives de recherche qui s’ouvrent
Vera M. KUTZINSKI: Violence and Sexual Others in Caribbean Literary History
Maarten van DELDEN: The Museum and the Opera-House: Modernity and Identity in Alejo Carpentier’s Los pasos perdidos
Véronique PORRA: La Diversalité à l’épreuve de la pensée de l’Universel – Déviances et instrumentalisation d’un concept de résistance culturelle
Major Concepts: Transversal Applicability
Amaryll CHANADY: From Appropriation to Resignification: Caribbean Discourses of Identity
Ottmar ETTE: Islands, Borders and Vectors: The Fractal World of the Caribbean
Peter HULME: Oriente: Towards a Literary Geography
Theo D’HAEN: Cultural Memories, Literary Forms, Caribbean Revolutions
Jean-Marc MOURA: Des discours caribéens
Paul BANDIA: Postcolonialism, Literary Heteroglossia and Translation
Caribbean Research Projects
Albert-James ARNOLD: Archives des Littératures de la Caraïbe: un projet, une équipe, une technologie
Lieven D’HULST: Intra- and Intersystemic Relations in the Caribbean: A Research Project
Nadia LIE: Revolutionary Self-Fashioning: Rewriting Strategies in the Cuban Magazine Casa de las Américas (1989-1999)
Liesbeth De BLEEKER: Vers une étude de la scénographie et de l’espace romanesque dans l’oeuvre de Patrick Chamoiseau
Biagio D’ANGELO: Neo-Baroque Poetics. A Latin American Affair
Kathleen GYSSELS: “Histoires de femme et de chien cannibales”: Réécritures et intertextualités inaperçues ou inavouées (Condé/Chamoiseau)
Carla FRATTA & Francesca TORCHI: La littérature caribéenne francophone en Italie
Rita De MAESENEER: The Contemporary Dominican Literature in the Caribbean Perspective
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